Write your own history. Or be a dark chapter in it.

THE YEAR IS 1756 and war has broken out. As homes burn to the ground and gunfire rings in the air - those caught in the middle try their best to survive. But In the colonies fear and power rule the day, and it’s only inevitable war will find its way to them.

Enter the world of WAR CRIES, where you’ll either make history, or become another dark chapter in it.

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Last Update
February 25th, 2021

We are a no word count, no age or character restriction RPG set just before the Seven Years War is declared. In this RPG we offer the chance to play all sides of the conflict: British, French, Natives, and all of their allies as they fight for the coveted Ohio territory. Despite being Historical we are LGBTQ+ friendly and value comfort over serious historical accuracy. Come join the fun as we write our own history and tell the stories of this brutal conflict!


We have returned after a long hiatus! Come join us!