Modern Greek Mythology

Welcome to the land of myths and legends where time is fleeting and gossip is plenty. Man or God, this small patch of the Earth is home to all. Walk the urban streets of the Underworld, scale Mount Olympus, tell Hera of Zeus's latest affair, open a bakery -- the life is yours to live. Will you make the most of it, or will you let it end in shatters?

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Last Update
January 20th, 2021

> Animanga/Drawn Face claims

> Freeform, short application

> No lengthy lore. Our characters are our own and don't necessarily follow mythology anyway.

> Simple, easy to follow rules. 

> Variety of playable options. These include Gods, Demi-Gods, humans, and mythological creatures. You can also choose to play in the modern time based God realm or the ancient times based human realm.