Billboard Submission Guide

Billboards are classifieds for the roleplay community. This is where requests, staff openings, affiliate opportunities, roleplay updates and so much more will be posted! You can use this space to find a new roleplay, show off your new plots and features, get help finding a face, and even advertise an upcoming roleplay!

What can be in a Billboard?

Billboards fall into two main categories, promotions and requests

  • Promotions (site updates and group buzz) are for advertising existing and upcoming roleplay groups. These tags should only be used by the admins of the group being advertised.
  • Requests (looking for roleplay, face help, interest check, etc) are for anyone looking for input, assistance, opportunities or who are offering opportunities.

For example, a group admin listing canon/skeleton characters for an upcoming roleplay would be "offering the opportunity" of taking those characters. A prospective member requesting roleplay would be "looking for assistance" in finding a group, and a prospective admin posting an interest check would be "looking for input" on their ideas. In most cases, the requests tags are self-explanatory, but if you're unsure -- our Discord server is always there to help answer your questions!

Billboards should always be safe for work, even if the content being advertised is not. Any images included should be appropriate for a PG13 audience, and if the content being advertised is adults only, please use the appropriate Age Restrictions tag.

Who can submit a Billboard?

How you complete the Billboard form will depend on who you are, and what you're looking for. To help navigate these differences, the "Requester Status" field breaks submissions down into the following:

  • Group Admins are the administrators of an open roleplay group, that is currently accepting new members, or are generating buzz for a ready-to-open roleplay.
  • Prospective Admins are requesters with an idea for a roleplay, or a roleplay in the planning stages, that is not yet ready-to-open.
  • Group Members are requesters who are already part of a roleplay group, but may be looking to fill requests (eg. wanted characters) for their personal plots in that roleplay.
  • Prospective Members are requesters who are likely looking for a new roleplay group to join.
  • Solo Roleplayers are requesters who may be looking for private roleplay, are making a non-roleplay group-related request, or who don't fit the above categories.

Any member can use the Billboard system, but only Group/Prospective Admins may post Billboards related to promotions, affiliate opportunities, and staff opportunities in their groups. 

How often can I submit a Billboard?

You can submit a new Billboard in any category once a week. You can edit your existing Billboards at any time. 

There is no limit to how many "active" Billboards you can have, but they must all have different content, eg. you cannot post the same advert multiple times, but you can post updates with new information each week.

How long will my Billboard be "active"?

Your Billboard will be active for two weeks after the latest edit. To keep your Billboard active, you only need to edit and re-save it before the 14 day deadline. You can also archive your Billboards at any time if the request has been filled, or no longer required.

How to create a Billboard

To create a Billboard, select "Add New Billboard" from the Billboard menu, from the button in the top-right of the Billboards page, or click this handy link here!

Billboard field guide

The form for Billboards is broken down into three sections. How you fill out this form will depend on your "Requester Status", explained above.


  • Title
    Here you can give your Billboard a title. Snappy and descriptive works best!
  • Requester Status
    Here you can define whether you are a Group Admin, Prospective Admin, Group Member, Prospective Member or Solo Roleplayer. See above for more information.
  • Roleplay Status
    This refers to the status of the roleplay this Billboard is for. Select "Not Applicable" if the Billboard is not for a roleplay. Other statuses are described in the help text on the form.
  • Billboard Type
    Here you can define what type of Billboard this is. Group Updates is for roleplay groups currently roleplaying, and Site Buzz is for roleplays generating interest pre-opening. If you're placing a request, multiple categories may apply (eg you may choose to post only one Billboard to find a roleplay partner and offer yourself as a potential staff member for admins looking for help). Select any that fit! 
  • Age Restrictions
    If age restrictions apply (eg. the roleplay group advertised is 18+, or you are looking for roleplay partners 21+) select the minimum age requirement.

Details & Contact

  • Link Roleplay
    If the Billboard refers to a roleplay that is already listed in the TRN Directory, you can link it here. Members will be able to browse active Billboards for that roleplay directly from the listing page!
  • Details
    Here is where the meat of your request goes! Tell us a bit about what you're looking for/offering here. If your Billboard is multi-purpose, remember to address the different aspects of your Billboard here (what you're looking for in a roleplay partner and what your strengths are as a roleplay staff member, for example)
  • Contact
    The most important part! Tell interested persons how to contact you if they are interested in your Billboard! You can link to a user account on a community forum, roleplay group, or personal blog. You can also request that responses be made as comments to your Billboard.

Roleplay Information

This is where you can define roleplay elements that you're offeringwould like to make, or are looking for. This comes back to the Requester Status tags:

  • Group Admin these are the elements of your existing, or upcoming roleplay.
  • Prospective Admin these are the elements of a roleplay you would like to make.
  • Group Member these are the elements of the roleplay your requests are for (eg. wanted characters).
  • Prospective Member these are the elements of a roleplay you would like to join.
  • Solo Roleplayer these are the elements of a roleplay that you are interested in.

These tags aren't required, but they can help to narrow down your requests and make sure that you get the best responses!

Tag Suggestions
Here you can list any tags that you needed for the listing, but weren't available at the time of submission. Check out the Tag Requests page for more information on how to fill this field out if you need it!

Submitting your Billboard

Your Billboard will initially be created as a Draft. You can save it as a Draft as many times as you need before submitting. To submit, select "Ready for Review" from the drop-down, and hit "Save". 

To archive your Billboard, edit it, and select "Archive" and "Save".

Need more help?

If you have any questions or comments about submitting Billboards, our Discord server is always open!