Bitter Sacrament

Rebooted and rebanded original modern fantasy site. LGBT+ inclusive, friendly and fun!

Bitter Sacrament is a modern fantasy set in San Francisco. We have several supernatural species playable, as well as humans. Currently humans are unaware of the supernaturals, but a group within the supernatural community is looking to change that. We have several canons, wanted ads and group factions!

1 month
Last Update
July 8th, 2020

Bitter Sacrament is a rebranded and reborn modern fantasy site. Having once ran this site and a similar plot for nearly three years, we have brought it back full circle to be run anew with different plot paths, and fresh new ideas.

Life for the humans is wonderfully dull, no magic, no supernaturals, just life. Except the supernaturals are there. San Francisco is a supernatural hot bed, though it something very few humans are aware of. They have lived for centuries among their fellows, not aware that their best friend is a blood sucker or that their neighbor can turn into an alligator at will. It has been a secret for centuries, a secret that Purgatio Atque Vale has ensured is never brought to light. Purgatio Atque Vale, or PAV/Vale as they now go by, silenced the history of supernaturals existence long ago. They've been hunting them and keeping them from the record books since.

Many supernaturals have come to call San Francisco home. Many supernaturals live their life without the interference of Vale, without worry of being ousted for what they are. Their world is chaotic at times, with warring factions in the community, but it is still their world. Most supernaturals are happy with the way things are. They don't want change, they don't want the humans to know they exist. Life is fine without them interfering.

Some supernaturals though, want change, want the humans aware, and will stop at nothing to make sure the world is aware of them. Change is coming whether the humans or supernaturals want it. Time will tell how that change is created, and what the world will look like when it is all over. Whose side are you on?



We are currently in our soft open and are looking to add a few members to our roster to help get things off the ground before our grand opening.