A canon & OC Onward Roleplay

Boombastia is a roleplay set in the modern fantasy world of Pixar's Onward, set after the ending of the film. Magic is returning to the world at large, but not everyone is welcoming to these new changes.

3 weeks 5 days
Last Update
October 12th, 2020

Farther back than most modern people care to remember, the world was a vastly different place, dominated heavily by magic and the creatures who wielded it. Progress always comes though, and as new inventions and marvels of science and engineering began to take over, slowly but surely, the magic began to fade from the consciousness of everyone who once held it in reverence.

Eventually, the world had grown into a modern metropolis of sprawling suburban neighborhoods and soaring cities. It seemed as though magic had all but died out to everyone but the fair few who held onto the memories of it ever existing in the first place. But nothing is ever truly destroyed, and magic is as innate as breathing to those with the gift.

In recent history, magic has slowly but surely begun to make its way back into the world, with people discovering their innate gifts and some creatures rekindling the instincts that had been lost to time. But change is scary for those too suck in their ways to embrace it, and beneath the sheen of contentment a turmoil is brewing, led by those who believe the world should have just stayed the way it was.

  • No word counts

  • Relaxed activity, we run on roll calls rather than strict activity checks

  • Canon and OC characters available

  • Animated/Illustrated faceclaims, you may also use aesthetic images and a written description

  • Quick and easy application process

  • Modern fantasy, takes place in a fantastical equivalent of 2020 technology wise

  • No humans, but several fantasy races to play, such as elves, satyrs, centaurs, and more!

  • LGBTQ+ characters are welcome and encouraged, bigotry is zero tolerance

  • Slice of life focus with an overarching background plot

  • No knowledge of the film itself is required to jump in, everything important is written out for you!