Çità de Masca (ÇdM)

fictional Venezia, in a 1570s alternate Renaissance, its pinnacle of world power, yet unfulfilled

ÇdM is a play-by-post (p-b-p) roleplaying forum in order to build an amalgamation of ideas and concepts leading to an exciting fictional story filled with dramatic and adventurous sub-plots, both individually and collectively, about the fictional setting of Venezia and the burgeoning Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta.

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October 2nd, 2020

"please take a look at Çità de Masca (ÇdM)".

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What is Çità de Masca???

Çità de Masca (ÇdM) is a play-by-post (p-b-p) roleplaying forum with an amalgamation of ideas and concepts leading to an exciting fictional story filled with dramatic and adventurous sub-plots, both individually and collectively, about the fictional setting of Venezia and the burgeoning Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta.

What is the plot of Çità de Masca???

ÇdM is in a fictional setting based on the illusory grand city of Venezia and the Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta in the latter part of an alternate Italian Renaissance, circa 1570s A.D., where its pinnacle on being a world power has not yet been fulfilled.

What types of Characters and/or Creatures are allowed???

Humans (Patricians / Non-Patrician Citizens / Merchants (local / foreign) / Poor / Criminal / Immigrants / Foreign Visitors) and basic Earth animals typical of the 16th century; but the fiction setting and alternate historical period allows its own low-to-mild mysticism involved, so who knows what could appear.

What is it WE want????

We Want You ! We Want You !! We Want You as a New Recruit !!!!

Yes we do. Tis here that we shall endeavor to write those stories, utilizing written history fact and fiction, rumors, legends, myths, our exposure to other settings of alternative reality, and our collective imaginations to tell the tales of the lives, loves, successes, and failures of the people, the cities, and the islands of the Serene Venetian Republic of the 16th century. Some of our stories about the Queen of the Seas will occasionally veer outward from Venezia and even span the 16th century known world; but the prime focus is, and always will be, Venezia.

Our intent is to creatively write stories of what life, and the people in it, is like in “La Serenissima” and how she affects the world as the Queen of the Seas... demonstrating the very heart of society, its order and organization, its pomp and ceremony, its places of frenzied domestic activities, its hospitality, celebration, and pleasures, its underlying disorganization, its disloyal and unfriendliness, and its criminal underworld who seeks to bring her down.

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