Creating your RP portfolio on TRN

If you're anything like me, locating your past resources can be a pain in the backside. Whether you're looking to update/add to a particular one, or find something that you know you made up for someone else, it's often a frustrating experience deep-diving your tags, or past topics on various sites.

That's why we developed the user profiles and resource hubs sections of The Roleplay Network to act as a collection point, allowing you to quickly look over what you've posted and in what category. All the links to all of your content, easy to find! It also means that users who love your stuff can quickly go and see what else you have on offer!

There are two main parts to this guide: using TRN as a personal portfolio, and how to use TRN as a resource hub portfolio. The processes are mostly the same, but with a few small differences! At the end, we'll cover how to tag your celebrity-related resources directly to the faces listed in the face directory!

Using TRN to build your personal RP portfolio

In order to do this, you'll first need an active account. Check out our Getting Started guide if you need further information on how to register and activate!

Editing your user account

When you first register, your user profile will look a little boring. Visit your account page (or Account >> My Account in the main menu) and click "Edit" to tell us a bit about yourself. Here you can tell us:

  • Your name (and names you're also known by)

  • Your pronouns

  • Your date of birth (if you want to!)

  • Your status (a little snippet that appears below your username on the main page, usually an interesting fact about you!)

  • Your timezone

  • Groups you are a staff member of (for any Resource Hubs or Roleplay Groups listed in the directory)

  • Groups you are a member of (for any Resource Hubs or Roleplay Groups listed in the directory)

  • My Site: The site you want to represent (choose one Resource Hub or Roleplay Group listed in the directory)

  • Your roleplay skills

  • Your personal avatar image

For more information on what it means to "represent" a particular site or group, check out Leaderboards: How you can top the charts!

Adding resources

So you've edited your profile, but you don't yet have the resource-related tabs. These only appear when there are resources to list. Once your resources have been approved, the tab will appear and you'll be able to access the links directly on your user profile!

Simple, huh?

Using TRN to build a list of resources available at a Resource Hub

What's better than being able to locate all the resources of a particular user? Being able to locate all the resources of a group of users! This isn't a one-or-the-other system, either. A resource can be listed under multiple resource hubs as well as the user who created it. 

The first step is to ensure that the Resource Hub is already listed in the directory, and is approved. Resource Hubs must be added by someone who has administrative power over the group, but there is no limit to who can tag resources to that hub. As long as the resource is available there, of course!

If you operate a roleplay resource hub, or would like more information on what that is and how to add it to our directory, check out the Resource Hub Submission Guide.

Adding resources

The Resource Hub submission is approved, but no resource tabs are showing at the bottom? That's because none of our listed resources are linked back to the listing yet! 

When you add resources to any of our resource directories, you'll find a "Add Resource Hub Link" in the fields. Here you can add any Resource Hubs that your resource is available at, as long as they're listed in our directory. Once the resource is approved (or edited, if it has already been approved) it will magically appear in the list of resources available at the hubs you chose!

Resources that can be linked to Resource Hub listings include:

You can find out more about what they are, and how to add them in the links above. 

Note: we are still adding more directories, so if you're looking to add codes or skins/themes, hang tight and stay tuned for news on when those submissions open! We're also open to other ideas for directories that you need!

Using TRN to list your graphics resources under a celebrity

Wouldn't it be nice if you could click a celebrity name and see a list of gifs and other graphics resources out there? Our Graphics Resource directory makes that possible!

When adding a new graphics resource, the field "Features Celebrity" allows you to tag any celebrity already listed in our Face Directory. Similar to the user profiles and resource hub views, this will create an automatic, magical list of any graphics resources listed that feature that celebrity. 

If you're adding a graphics resource that features a celebrity not already listed, we highly recommend submitting the face as well! 

To recap, why bother listing your resource hubs and resources with The Roleplay Network?

  • To create a central point where you can find all the links to all of your amazing work

  • To help others find all of your work, and all of the work from a hub community

  • To easily find other fantastic resources to share, reblog, and love

  • So that others, outside of your "home" RPC can enjoy your work!

  • To make it easy to find graphics items related to a particular celebrity

  • ... and so much more.

Need help? We're here for that!

Our Discord server is available to help you through anything you need! Just drop your questions in the #Site-Help channel, and we'll be with you as soon as possible!