Dragon Riders of Berk

A Second Generation HTTYD Roleplay

Hiccup and the rest of the Dragon Riders have retired and handed off leadership to a new generation. A whole new set of Dragon Riders are now in charge of the safety of the archipelago. They will explore further and discover even more new dragons while protecting their home. Play as a canon character, their relatives, or create your own original character!

2 years 4 months
Last Update
October 4th, 2020


Eleven years ago, Borgar Skallagrim - the young leader of the Hysteric tribe - attacked the Hidden World and forced the dragons from the safety of their home. Despite the assistance of the Hooligan and Berserker tribes, many dragons were captured or injured during the assault. With the Hidden World no longer hidden, many dragons left in search of a new home. Some have returned to New Berk, while others have settled on other islands throughout the archipelago. With the number of dragons throughout the archipelago rising, more and more Dragon Hunters have taken to the seas to hunt them. It's up to a new generation of Dragon Riders to rescue the captured dragons and protect the archipelago.