Dream of a Shadow

Modern Greek Mythology Mature RPG

Pan is dead. Now, the Gods are experiencing the possibility of mortality, which they have never faced before. Dream of a Shadow is a modern fantasy set in Los Angeles. Here, you can play gods, demigods, heroes, mythological creatures, and humans. Where is your place among the gods?

No AC - No Word Count - You play the Gods - Easy to join plot - Profile Application - Welcoming Community!

Come find your place today!

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Last Update
October 23rd, 2020

The whole of Olympus is in a tizzy. Pan, the patron god of Satyrs and flocks, shepherd of the wilds, is dead. But no, for real this time. Yes, we know poets and heralds have sung this tune before, but this time, Thanatos confirms it’s for real. No one knows what happened. He wasn’t reincarnated and there’s no hide nor hair (or hoof) of him in the Underworld. If a God can die, what does that mean for the others? Where does your character fit in with this? Who killed him? How was he killed? Will others find themselves, like him, ripped from this immortal world?