A High Fantasy Medieval forum based Role-Play. Smack dab in a world of turmoil and magic.

Offering a highly detailed, lush, Medieval Fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, EXADIA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm. With high ranking titles to choose from along with several races, you can just about create your dream character. Your character's actions can even influence the world around them.

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November 19th, 2020

The Current Year is 1780 of the Amber Empire.

The world of Exadia is vast and beautiful, full of life and lush green forest, grasslands, and deep blue seas. Bountiful to those who know the land and deal with its exotic creatures and beasts that roam the lands; This is A large planet with many kingdoms and realms unexplored. However, there is one kingdom that shines above them all; Known as the Neutral Capital Emaria, a massive Empire that is ruled by a benevolent and powerful Emperor.

Once ruled by gods, most believe they have abandoned them; With no answer to their prayers after the first Emperor had banished them into the void. Leading Exadia's into an era of peace when conflicts quickly settled after the Great War.

-- Years later, however, Peace has been disrupted.

The Emperor Allister Dragorion, has been assassinated within the throne room. His Greatness's demise has shocked the royal family and all of Emaria. With the news of his death spreading fast like wildfire throughout all of Exadia. However, many are taking notice that the emperor's death is not taking a traditional week-long grieving period. Instead, the widowed Emperess has begun pushing for her son, Lucarius Dragorion, to become the next Emperor in line to rule over Exadia.

Meanwhile, turmoil has begun to climb with disturbing reports implying that villages are being under attack with little to no survivors. Reports suggest that survivors that manage to encounter and escape call are calling these Corrupted abominations " Aloi's Marked ". Abominations that are mindless, chaotic, and above all hostile in nature have begun recently appearing all over Exadia. Their presence has caused some alarm to those that have witnessed their destruction and brutal nature. Their presence becoming more frequent in the Wilderness area. Some reports have even been made outside the gates of Emaria and below the floating islands of Esa.