Face Submission Guide

All registered and ready to submit some faces to the directory? Fantastic! This guide will step you through the process.

It might look like a lot, but we want to create a super comprehensive directory of faces, so there's a bit to get done. Don't worry though, it's mostly checkboxes!

Types of faces we accept

Currently, our face directory is accepting any faces that meet the following criteria:

  • Are currently over the age of 18
  • Are persons with a public presence (eg. actors, musicians, models)
  • And are able to be verified as such with a professional portfolio or profile link (eg. model listings, or IMDB profiles)

This is to ensure that no pictures are taken from social media accounts of private persons. Because that would be weird, right?

Problematic faces and why we don't have a "banned" list

Some celebrities out there stand for things that we, at The Roleplay Network, do not approve of or condone. On many face directories, these faces are (rightfully) considered "banned" and are not listed to avoid promoting the celebrity and their bad behaviour.

As The Roleplay Network's face directory is a community project open to public submission, we have decided to treat problematic celebrities in a different manner. Our aim is to provide members with the information they need to decide whether a celebrity face is suitable to use. Here's how it works:

  • Problematic celebrities can be added to the face directory as normal, with all of the normal information. Because our directory will only accept one listing for each name, this ensures that all information for that celebrity is gathered in one place. It also means that members do not have to read through a "banned" list before submitting, and keeps the moderation process simple.
  • For every celebrity in the directory, the option "View/Add Problematic Reports" appears at the end of their listing. Any user (not just the user who submitted the face) can use this to submit reasons and evidence as to why that celebrity is deemed problematic. Trigger warnings, tags, and links to evidence make it possible to ensure that users have all the information they need.
  • Celebrities that have problematic reports under their name will not show on the default Find My Face page. The Warnings filter is set to "No Reports" by default. You can choose to view celebrities with reports by changing that to "Active Reports" or view all faces regardless of report level under "Any". When "Any" or "Active Reports" is selected, the right sidebar will show how many reports the listed celebrities have.

We feel it's important to list not only the faces, but their problematic behaviour as a means of educating members who may not be aware what these celebrities stand for. By simply excluding them from our directory, that information is also excluded. Members can use the "Active Reports" filter to help build their own "banned face lists" for roleplay group use. 

Submission links

If you're registered and logged in, you should be able to see the submission link 'Add New Face' under the Find My Face menu from anywhere on the site. Alternately, there is also the 'Submit New Face' block on the top-right of the Find My Face main page.

Or, you can just click this link here to be taken straight to the form!

Required fields

It looks huge, but don't panic! As above, it's mostly checkboxes. Here's what we absolutely need:

Note: Image Requirements
You will need at least five images minimum 300px wide and 300px tall. If you don't have access to a photo editing program, you can use online services such as Pixlr, Fotor, Online-Image-Editor or similar to make sure your images are the right size and shape. The system will also auto-crop non-square images.

  • Celebrity Name
    This is the name the celebrity goes by the most, whether it's their stage name or proper name. This is what will appear as the title on the listing. For example, you would list 'Lady Gaga' here rather than 'Stefani Germanotta'.
  • First Name / Surname
    Here you would list the celebrity's name outside of their stage name. Not all celebrities have a stage name, so this will often end up being the same as the full Celebrity Name above.
  • Date of Birth
    This helps us both verify that the celebrity is over 13 years of age, and allows members to quickly view the age of the celebrity. Because it's calculated by the given date, these ages automatically update as the celebrity grows older!
  • Gender
    This refers to the celebrity's real life gender identity. It's very important that this field reflects who they are, not what they pass as. You may need to select more than one, or request additional tags be created to correctly list the celebrity (see below).
  • Status
    This determines whether a celebrity is currently living, or deceased.
  • Celebrity Type
    Select any from the list that apply to the celebrity you are submitting. This allows users to search for models only, or actors only, if they choose.
  • Photo Age Range
    This differs from the date of birth field in that it reflects the age ranges of a celebrity's available pictures across their professional career, not just their current age. A celebrity that has been in the public eye since their teens may have pictures ranging from teen to elderly adult. Select any that apply from both the Age Brackets and By Descriptor sections.
  • Ethnicity
    Like the gender field, this reflects the true ethnic identity of the celebrity, and not what they pass as. At the top of the list, under 'Broad Ethnicity' are the tags 'Caucasian' and 'People of Colour' -- and below that are more specific ethnicities. Select at least one of the two under Broad Ethnicity, and any others that apply. You may need to request additional ethnicity tags, as this list is a work in progress.
  • Nationality
    This is essentially what would be written on the celebrity's passport, and they may have multiple nationalities. Begin typing to enter the nationality, and select from the list if it appears. If an autocomplete suggestion does not appear, leave the text in the field and it will be created on submission.  Click 'Add Another Item' to add more than one to the list.
  • Photos
    At least five images are required for a listing. Try to feature as many different looks as you can, in square images of at least 300x300px. For best results, 500x500px is ideal. Images should be safe for work, and not picture the celebrity as a child (under 13). Once uploaded, the first image in the list will be the primary cover image, and you can drag and drop the images in the list to choose which image should be the first.

    When images are uploaded, you will see a + icon. Move that icon over the celebrity's face to ensure it doesn't get cut out of the picture by the autocropper!
  • Hair Colour
    Select any in this list that the celebrity is known to have. Selecting child listings will automatically select the parent, so selecting 'Dark Brown' will also select 'Brown'. 
  • Hair Styling
    Select any from the lengths and features that this celebrity is known to have. 
  • Celebrity Sites
    At least one site must be entered here, eg. an IMDB profile or model listing page. This verifies the face as a public persona. You might also list fan sites here, especially if they have galleries available. Click 'Add Another Item' to add more than one to the list.
  • Facial Features
    Any unique features on the face of the celebrity, such as facial hair, piercings, scars, or tattoos. Select "No Special Features" if no other tags apply.
  • Body Features
    Select any unique features on the body of the celebrity, such as Curves and Serves (larger body sizes), muscular, tattoos, or suggest additional tags if required. Select "No Special Features" if no other tags apply.
  • Aesthetic
    Select, or request, any tags that this celebrity has looks for.
  • Listing Type
    This field should automatically be set to "face", and helps with our leaderboard data. Leave it on "face".

Optional fields

  • Stage Name
    For celebrities that have a specific stage name, eg. Rhianna, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, you can list that here for easy searching.
  • Pronouns
    If you know the pronouns of the celebrity, list them here! 
  • Sexuality
    If the sexuality of the celebrity is known, list that here too! 
  • Resource Links
    Here you can list any links to resources that feature this celebrity, eg. gif sets or premade graphics. Links to the celebrity's public instagram accounts are also great here! Click 'Add Another Item' to add more than one to the list.

Requesting tags

As part of a submission:

Sometimes you'll find yourself with a celebrity that doesn't fit into our checkboxes. All of our tags and listings are a work in progress, and we need you to help make them more awesome! At the bottom of each submission form, you'll find a 'Tag Suggestions' box where you can list any tags that you want added to the system, and to the listing you're submitting. When our editors review your submission, the tags will be created if required and applied to your listing.

You can submit tag requests for any part of this form! To request tags through the submission form, fill out the Tag Suggestions field with the tag you're requesting and any parent tags in the form Field >> Tag Parent >> Requested Tag

For example, if you wanted to request a new tag (Prehistoric) to be added to the following section:

aesthetic screenshot

You would submit the tag request as:

  • Aesthetic >> Aesthetic Genre Style >> Prehistoric

Or, if you wanted us to create a whole new section of the aesthetic field (eg a new parent tag Aesthetic Costumes with the child tag Clowns) you would submit that as:

  • Aesthetic >> Aesthetic Costumes >> Clowns

In short, if the appropriate tags don't exist to suit the celebrity, please request them! You can request as many tags as you like through the form, as long as they apply to the celebrity being submitted. Just click 'Add Another Item' to generate a new line!

Outside of the submission process:

Want some new tags created, but don't have a celebrity that fits them yet? Comment on the Tag Request page with your suggestions!

You can view a list of all available tags on the Face Tags page.

Approval process

Once everything is filled in and ready to go, there's just one more step! At the very bottom of the form, you'll see this:



Select 'Ready for Review' from the drop down, and hit save. That lets our editors know that you're done updating, and ready for us to take a look! Our editors will review your submission as soon as possible, and publish it if it's ready. We may add additional resource links, or field information, but the listing will still belong to you!

Need help?

If you're lost and confused, and need some help getting through the process, we're here to help in the Discord Server!