Forest Scape

An Animated Panfandom Roleplay

Forest Scape Is an animated Panfandom Roleplay that is set on Jcink that welcomes either canon characters or complete original characters from their own original worlds. We have relaunched from our previous version on Forumotion (The Woodlands). The forum also has no word count and we are looking for new players to help create a new, friendly and active roleplay community so feel free to come and join!

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Last Update
September 24th, 2020

Forest Scape takes place in the city of Montvale, where residents from different worlds have been mysteriously transported to after suddenly vanishing from their own worlds suddenly. Nothing much is known about Montvale apart from a few history books here and there that only tell the readers only little bits of Montvale's history, as well as a statue in the city's park that's dedicated to a mysterious woman named Clarice.

And of course, there's the large forest that surrounds Montvale, leading to unknown places, but filled with dangers that will harm those that venture into the forest.

The new residents of Montvale now have a choice, they can either forget their old lives and start a new one in Montvale, or they can risk their lives and go into the Forest, hoping to find answers about this strange world.

As well as a way home.


We have recently relaunched on Jcink and are currently looking for new members!


Year One, January - Chapter One: The Oni and the Spirit

Residents from other worlds have started to appear in either the large city of Montvale, or in the Forest that surrounds Montvale. As these residents gather In Montvale to figure out what's going on, some of them have reported seeing a man who is wearing ancient armour, as well as carrying a kanabō and katana, wandering around the forest and cutting anything that's in his path. People who see him are advised not to go near him, as he could attack anyone he see's and has tried to kill them.

There appears to be information regarding him in the Montvale Library, as well as information regarding a Spirit that haunts an abandoned Manor in the woods that appears to be somewhat related to him.