Future Feature: The Roleplay Group Directory

At 200 faces in the Face Directory, we will be starting development on the roleplay listings side of TRN. Here's a bit of a sneak peek at what we have planned!

The structure

There will be three main components of the roleplay listings section: Roleplay Groups, Solo Roleplayers, and Roleplay Resource Hubs. Each section will have a sidebar of filters, similar to how the Face Directory functions. Users will be able to use these filters to narrow down the list of available sites/players and find what they're looking for. Users will also be able to like your listings, and show their support by representing your listing in their user profile (more on that at the end!).

Roleplay Groups Listings

This section is for... Roleplay Groups! Whether it's forums, Tumblr, journals, Discord, MMO or any other text-based roleplay set up, there will be a place in this directory for you! There will be tags for the format your roleplay takes, the types of characters you accept, the time period and locations you roleplay in, and community features like chat services and guest-friendly advertising. 

You'll also be able to set quick-links to all the important things you want prospective members to check out, like getting started guides, claims, or group guidelines. An "also listed at" section makes it easy to keep track of your listings across the RPC and direct potential members to contact you through those communities.

Listings in this section will be active for 30 days since last edit, and listings can be extended every time you edit and re-save. Listings that aren't maintained will auto-unpublish, meaning that all listings in the directory are from active roleplay groups seeking new players! If your listing is unpublished, it's never deleted -- you can always re-activate it through your user account!

Solo Roleplayers Listings

Funnily enough, this is where individual roleplayers will be able to list themselves as looking for RP. There will be tags for the genres you prefer to RP in, whether you're looking for a group or a 1x1, the formats you prefer to use, and more. Like group listings, these will also unpublish at 30 days from last edit and can be reactivated. You can also archive your own listing if you are no longer looking.

Roleplay Resource Hubs

Here we'll be listing all of the amazing resource hubs and helpers out there, and the important services they offer to the RPC. Listings will highlight what they do, whether they offer advertising, challenges, shout outs, graphics, coding, and more! This section is where you'll be able to find resource boards and communities, Roleplay Help blogs, advertising blogs, if they offer a service to the RPC --- this is where they'll be! Unlike RP Groups and Solo listings, these do not expire. Staff will sweep through the listings to remove listings that no longer have active links and remove any services no longer offered. In most cases, these links still offer valuable resources long after they have stopped updating, and still have value in our directory.

Contributor Scores

One way to support your listings at TRN is via your Contributor Score. Your contributor score is the sum of all your contributions here at TRN, every listing you post is a point toward the listing you choose through your user profile. If multiple people are representing the same listing, their scores are added together and create the Contributor Score for that listing. When the group, solo and resource hub directories are launched, user leaderboards will also launch, featuring:

  • Top individual contributors this month

  • Top individual contributors of all time

  • Top combined contributor listings this month

  • Top combined contributor listings of all time

Individual leaderboards are per user, and your chosen listing will appear beside your name. The combined contributor leaderboards are per listing and link directly to the promoted listing. The premise is simple: more resources = more points = a higher position on the leaderboard and more exposure for your chosen listing. 

Also in the works:

  • Theme directory (if you can theme for it, we'll list it! Complete with pretty screenshots and colour filters)

  • Guides directory (all those amazing tutorials and writeups people have done about roleplay, categorised by what you can learn from them!)

  • Templates directory (post templates, photoshop templates, with screenshots! Everything is better with screenshots!)

Other things that might happen:

These are ideas that are up there, pending a way to implement them!

  • Follow user: get notifications when someone submits a new resource

  • Wanted listings: for groups looking to fill certain positions in their RP

  • Follow listing: get notifications when your favourite listings are updated, eg. when a group admin adds new information

And that's all folks! At least.. for now! Remember, our Discord is available and we would love your input and ideas as we continue to grow TRN!