The Gayborhood

Won't you be our Gaybor?
The Gayborhood: /noun/ a place for LGBT writers and stories. Enjoy a slice-of-life story in The City, or jump into VR for anything you can dream of.
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June 15th, 2020

With its zig-zagging upward incline streets lined with rainbows of brightly-colored and tightly-packed townhouses, San Francisco has long been a sprawling playground for any and all intrepid LGBT+ pilgrims. Whether you're crusing in the park, catching a double feature at the local theater, or just finishing off another batch of zines to hand out at tonight's drag show, San Francisco welcomes you with open arms - and a real 'lax dress code .

If that wasn't enough, this world famous city has recently been chosen by tech giant TEDISON Industries as the launch pad for their new bleeding edge social networking VR platform targeting the LGBT+ community, The Cloud. Online or off, there's no limit to what you can discover once you're here. Welcome to The Gayborhood - and thank you for being a friend!