Getting Started

Welcome to The Roleplay Network!

Our aim is to become a connecting point for roleplayers, resources, and the communities that support them. TRN's unique filtering system makes it easy to browse through listings, and find exactly what you're looking for. 

To get the most out of our directories, and to submit your own listings, you will need to register an account.


To register, click 'create new account' in the User Login block in the sidebar, or select 'register' from the Account menu.

Registration requirements:

  • You must be 13 years or older
  • An email account that you have access to
  • The account must be for yourself, not a shared account (eg. RoleplayNameStaff)
  • Your username should be safe for work, and not contain derrogatory language

The email address you use to register with TRN is the email address that all information regarding your listings will be sent to, eg. notifications of new comments, content expiry, or issues with your content.

You will need access to this email address to verify your account before you can post your first submission. This email may not arrive immediately. If the email does not arrive, please contact us through the Discord Server to have your account manually verified.

Note: Quite a few users have reported that their verification email goes to spam. Check that if you don't get an email within an hour! (It should be much faster)

Your first submission

Once you are registered, you will be able to post your first submission. Please read through the submission guide for the type of listing you're looking to create, as it will contain important information to help you through the process.

Current submission types available:

Until your first submission is approved, you will be unable to submit any other content. This is just to make sure that, if you are a robot, you're at least a robot here to submit roleplay-related content!

Editing your profile

You can view your account by navigating to Account->My Account in the main menu. Click the 'Edit' button to view your personal account settings.

Here you can change your password, add a profile picture, and set other information. 

You can also view your own content list by visiting the 'Activity' page.

User groups and what they mean


This is the group your account will be moved to once your first submission has been approved. Users in this group are able to post more content, and comment on existing listings.

Trusted Submitters

Trusted Submitters are special members who have proven their skill in listing useful content. They have the ability to edit and update Find My Face submissions created by any user, to add new resources or fix errors. You can become a Trusted Submitter in our Discord Server.

Section Editors

Editors have the ability to approve content in the moderation queue. Editors are usually Trusted Submitters themselves, and may specialise in a particular section. You can find out more about becoming a Section Editor and apply in our Discord Server.

Getting help

If you're stuck or require additional assistance in setting up your account, please contact us through the Discord Server.