Ghosts& Gadgets

A supernatural role play that takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What had once been a small, homegrown operation in the Mid-City district of New Orleans, has since grown into a large and far-reaching organization with locations across the United States. The agents of SCRI—Supernatural and Cryptid Reconnaissance and Investigation—have fashioned themselves the guardians of humanity, the buffer between ordinary people and what goes bump in the night, the protectors against the things that would harm the living. Having successfully worn down the vampire threat that had once run-rampant in their neighborhood to more manageable numbers, SCRI sets its sights on the broader paranormal and supernatural world.

4 months
Last Update
July 27th, 2020

They were not always here but managed to insinuate themselves into society almost seamlessly. If not for a particularly annoying band of humans, a higher concentration of the Vampire population would have remained in New Orleans, in Hester. They spread themselves out; those who did not learn to blend in suffered and perished at the hands of SCRI, their nests burned to cinders, and their homes destroyed. They formed bonds based on the hierarchy of ascribed status and have learned, despite the class stratification, the importance of staying together.

They are better than humans; more refined, civilized, cultured, and certainly more intelligent, but for now, they hold their places in the dark, waiting.

However, those at the bottom of these hierarchies recognize the system for what it is, and they aim to change it, to destroy it utterly. Those on the fringes of Vampire society reminisce about the old days of chaos and how, if things were done their way, the right way, they would be set to inherit the earth or at least all of Louisiana.

But there is a rumor, a salve for the ailment of the modern vampire who wants to have it all, the power, the old days of disarray: the Sauria.


As of July 26, 2020, Ghosts& Gadgets is officially open!