Graphics Resource Submission Guide

Roleplaying isn't just about the text. It's also a celebration of our amazing graphics community! Graphics makers go above and beyond to ensure that we're never left wanting for the right gif at the right moment, the perfect header for that roleplay group, or the resources to make our own graphical masterpieces. 

If you're looking for a Graphics Maker, check out the Resource Hubs to see who's listed! If you're looking for tutorials on how to make your own graphics, check out the graphics section of our Tutorial list!

And if you're looking for information on how to submit your graphics resources to The Roleplay Network for others to find, you're in the right place!

What is a graphics resource?

A graphics resource is any item that is either a premade graphics item (such as gifs, icons, headers, and so on) or a downloadable resource that others can use to make or improve their own graphics (colouring PSDs, templates, brushes, font packs and more). 

If your resource focuses more on teaching users how to make graphics, it might be more suited to the Tutorial list!

What do I need to submit a graphics resource?

All you need to submit is a little bit of time, the link to your resource, and a preview image of at least 300x300px. 

Do I need to upload my graphics resource directly to The Roleplay Network?

No, you don't! We believe that your content should be always in your control, and that's why we list links to resources. It also means that traffic goes to your site or preferred resource hub. The only exception to this is the preview image, which is directly uploaded as part of the listing.

Submission links

You can find the links to submit a new graphics resource at the top-right of the Graphics Resources page, or in the main menu under Resources > Graphics Resources > Add New Graphics Resource.

Or, as always: here's a quick link!

Field guide

  • Graphics Resource Type
    Here you can specify what type of graphics resource you're uploading. Select as many of these as apply to your resource, there will almost always be more than one!
  • Attribution
    Here you can specify what crediting requirements you have (or don't have)!
  • Editing Options
    Here you can specify whether users are allowed to edit this resource, and what type of edits are allowed (if any). 
  • Payment Options
    You can specify whether this resource is free, paid, or you allow optional donations for your work. You can select more than one if you need (eg. your resource is free, but you appreciate donations!)
  • Colours
    For resources that have a particular colour set, you can specify that here. This field is broken down into Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Hue. Select all that apply.
  • Design Style
    If your resource follows a particular design style, select that here!
  • Features Celebrity
    If your resource features a particular celebrity, and that celebrity is listed in our Face Directory, link them here! Begin typing the celebrity name to search. Celebrity not listed? Why not add them!
  • Link Resource Hub
    If this resource is available at a resource hub listed in our Resource Hubs directory, link it here! Begin typing the resource hub name to search. If the hub isn't listed, and you're a staff member at that hub, why not list it!
  • Find It At
    Link directly to the resource's information or download page. If the resource is listed in multiple places, you can add more links by clicking "Add Another Item"!
  • Images
    Upload your preview image (and up to 14 other example images) here. The first one on the list will be the one that displays in search results and listings. Remember, we only need enough to see what the full resource might look like.
  • Tag Suggestions
    Couldn't find all the tags you needed to properly list your resource? We can fix that! Here you can list anything we might have missed, such as colours, design styles, resource types and more. And if you list it here, we'll edit it in for you when we approve your listing! For more information on how to fill this field out, check out the Tag Requests page.
  • Listing Type
    This should be set to "resource" by default. If not, select "resource".
  • Save As
    Here you can choose to save as Draft, or send the resource off for review. We won't review it until you're ready, so feel free to save the draft as many times as you need.

Save & submit

All good and ready to go? Wonderful! Switch "Save As" from "Draft" to "Ready for Review" and hit Save. We'll review it soon as possible, and get it listed!

Need help?

If you're struggling with any part of the submission process, you can always get live help in the #Site-Help channel of our Discord server.