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October 27th, 2020

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything, but it’s wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it.”

—Terry Pratchett

In the first of his greatest victories, Sora had successfully locked the keyholes of many of the worlds, preventing the Darkness from seeping into them.

But the Darkness would yet linger, and later Sora and Riku would together vanquish Xemnas and his false Kingdom Hearts. The victory that was had in The World That Never Was reverberated a feeling of peace across the worlds. The universe was cast into a peaceful state and there it would rest, bathed in the halcyon of a lasting sunset.

The people lived without the fear of interference by the Heartless. Yet in the deepest shadows, where Light dared not to gander, the Darkness would silently take shape. As serene as life had become, it would not last… for all good things must come to an end.

Corruption would break free, renewed after years of sleeping, and the citizens of the worlds began responding to the Darkness taking shape in their own hearts. Succumbing to their virulent desires, the peace that once reined would slowly begin to fade. The Black Reach that was plaguing the worlds would stretch further, further, rapidly growing in strength and influence until the Darkness had once again gained the power to consume worlds.

Catalyzed by Organization Thirteen, Destiny Islands was among the first of the worlds to fall. One by one other worlds flickered out, the destruction only feeding the greed of the unquenchable, hungering Darkness. Despite the attempts to rally the Forces of Light to stop it, the Darkness has left its toll upon the worlds that remain: The battered worlds lucky enough to endure were reduced to ruin; only weak illustrations of their former glory.

Twilight Town: the last sanctum left in this part of the galaxy, is now the world of refuge. What souls still linger begin (or continue) their journeys here.

The beautiful, warm world once known for its stunning sunsets has been sundered. The train station lies collapsed and useless. Sunset Terrace is inaccessible due to the wreckage, even the Mysterious Tower of Yen Sid has vanished from the world. Worse yet, the ever-setting sun has fallen from the sky. In its place a broken moon hangs barely above the horizon, its fragments still reflecting light back upon the eerie world below. The world has been blanketed in a soft blue dusk, its buildings ever bathed in purple.

Many have forsaken their faith in the Light; for how could any good possibly hope to surmount the evils that have taken hold?

The entire empty expanse of space, peppered only by fragments and debris where once there were worlds, is consumed by an unending dusk. The atmosphere hangs heavy with the weight of the Night to come.

The worlds are unravelling. It is up to the few Denizens of Light left in them to band together and find a way to once again rebuild the broken worlds. Yet against such an onslaught of Darkness, does the Light still stand a chance?


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