A dystopian soulmate RP with magic and chaos

With a mutated pneumonic plague released – and Astrum’s leaders either incarcerated, wanted, or deceased, the City of Stars is left in a chaotic state bereft of any order. Once a haven for those who shared a name with the person of their destiny, the ones who wield magic, Astrum is now run amok with those without. It is up to those yet alive – ordinary Or kismet – to rebuild all of Astrum in a brand-new way.

Meanwhile, the masked troop known as Betelgeuse has fled the scene in hopes of recuperating before taking on Astrum again. In doing so, they will uncover lands not yet known to them and potentially make formidable allies or formidable foes…

In this world of division, where all fates are divided, how will your story unfold?

2 years 9 months
Last Update
October 23rd, 2020

  • Low word count - KD only requires a minimum of 5 full sentences, allowing writers to write relatively freely post-by-post without the stress of word count.

  • Active albeit small - we require at least 1 IC post every 7 days; if you can't meet that at any point, just drop us a note. Writing should be fun and a great way to bring people together. Everyone is understanding that things happen.

  • Progressive story - thanks to events and some member-driven plots, KD's story is always evolving. We have never once stalemated. Behind the scenes, we have a general outline of plot points to progress the story, but it's very flexible because anything can happen when you have a dozen or so people contributing to the story! Your character can influence the setting and the plot in some way.

  • Old but friendly - don't be intimidated by KD's age. Our events are specifically designed to be friendly for new characters and new members alike to join in provided an event isn't already in session. Our battle/levelling system is also friendly in that you don't start at "level 1" or the equivalent. You can choose your character's level up to a certain point. For example, kismets (magical folk) have 7 tiers. A character can start up to Tier IV as opposed to starting at Tier I. So, if you want to make a seasoned veteran, go for it! If you want to make a disaster in the kitchen, go for it!

  • Movie nights & other OOC activities - we regularly have movie nights and anime/series nights. Players with be given an opportunity to pitch suggestions and then everyone will vote for said suggestions. Whichever wins is whatever we watch. Occasionally, we'll play, cards against humanities, and other games online.


• Members have completed the first "do or die" dungeon with success! Power has returned to Astrum

• We are currently in the midst of the second "do or die" dungeon (10/21/20)