Known Space - 18+ Sci-fi & Fantasy

Explore the best and worst the universe has to offer

Open-universe, player-driven original species and a variety of sandbox and admin-driven settings, all thousands of years in the future. With powerful magic and advanced technology rife across Known Space, the universe is ripe for exploration.

10 months 4 weeks
Last Update
November 15th, 2020

Inspired by science fiction like Star Trek, Firefly and Mass Effect as well as fantasy like LOTR, HP, and D&D, Known Space is an expansive universe where players can create their own species, explore incredible and unique settings, and decide whether their characters will be part of the best, or the worst, that the universe has to offer.

18+ only for mature concepts and content.


11.15 - The Coalition plot is in full swing, with the crew investigating the total systems failure of a deeply secretive society. Will the best minds of the Coalition be able to fathom the alien technology and the secrets of the people they are helping?

Meanwhile, there is a mission for the unscrupulous members of the Syndicate, where ruthlessness is currency and the only thing better than that is cold, hard credits.

10.15 - The Apex plot has begun! Click here to follow along!

10.09 - The Apex plot will be coming up soon. Sign up in the Coalition channel.

10.06 - There is a new Syndicate plot. Check the Syndicate channel for details!