Kushiel's Legacy

A first-person, character-driven RP

Kushiel's Legacy is a mature first person alternate timeline roleplay, set over 60 years after the original trilogy and following our own timeline (events in Imriel's trilogy etc have not occurred). There are no canon characters, though there are some canon families, and extensive knowledge of the books is not required. We have no word-count or character limit and are LGBTQ+ friendly. The world is rife with sex, politics, intrigue and scandal - ranging from personal dramas to conflicts that affect the whole of Terre D'Ange and beyond. 

9 years 2 months
Last Update
July 27th, 2020


Currently, the country of Terre D'Ange is finding its feet again, after a series of disasters and tragedies. From the poisoning of the Queen and Dauphin, to a war with Skaldia and Carthage, the identification and trial of a royal traitor, a new Queen leading the war whilst stricken with grief... the untimely death of the King and Queen Coretta's subsequent remarriage, the discovery of Terra Nova and then a drought that ravaged the land. Terre D'Ange has had more than its fair share of trials. Who knows what is next for the land of the Angels?