Leaderboards: How you can top the charts!

Are you here to promote your roleplay group or resource hub? Want to get more eyes on your listing? Of course you do, that's the whole point! This article is here to tell you all about the Leaderboards and how you can use them to get more exposure for your group/resource hub.

Leaderboards are like a Top Site, but instead of tracking arbitrary clicks -- it tracks your community contribution. Here's how it works.

Submit your Resource Hub or Roleplay Group Listing

First, you submit your group or resource hub listing to the Roleplay Groups or Resource Hubs directories.

Add it to your profile

Once your listing is approved, you can select it in the "My Site" section of your user profile. The site you list here will be the one that appears on the Leaderboard list. You can only select one, but you can change this at any time.

  • Edit your profile by going to Account > My Account in the main navigation, and click "Edit".

  • Scroll down to the field "My Site" and begin typing the name of your listing. 

Now is a good time to recommend The Roleplay Network to your fans and members, and nudge them to set your listing as their "My Site" in their user profiles. You'll see why soon!

Check that it is working

If you've got it set up properly, you should be able to see your username and site listed on the Leaderboards. The affiliate button you uploaded on submission and the name of your listing will be there. Snazzy, huh?

How the leaderboards work

Because you've submitted a Roleplay Group or Resource Hub listing, you'll automatically have a score of 1. Every site, resource or face you submit to The Roleplay Network's directories earns you another point. More resources submitted = more points = your site placed higher on the Leaderboard.

To keep things fun and fair, there are two types of leaderboards: Top Users, and Top Sites.

  • Top Users is an individual score. This is how many resources you have submitted under your account.


  • Top Sites is a combined score from all users that currently have the same site listed in the "My Sites" section of their profile. This is why it's super useful to have members and fans here representing your site! 

Each of these types are also broken down into two time frames: Past 30 Days and All Time. This means that even if you're a new listing, you can still climb the Past 30 Days leaderboard swiftly, and older listings aren't permanently dominating the top spots simply because they've had more time to submit.

What can I submit for leaderboard points?

Each of the following items will gain you points toward your leaderboard count. Remember to check through the submission guides and feel free to ask questions if you're not sure about anything!


  • Tutorials (submission guide)

    Tutorials on everything RP related, from coding to graphics making, developing characters, masterlists, how to roleplay, world building and more!


  • Roleplay Groups (submission guide)

    Roleplay Groups on any software, in any format. As long as you are a staff member and can satisfy the advert requirements, you'll get 1 point for each one you add!


  • Resource Hubs (submission guide)

    Resource Hubs on any software, in any format. As long as you are a staff member and can satisfy the advert requirements, you'll get 1 point for each one you add!


  • Find My Face (submission guide)

    Our unique visual face directory is always looking for more faces! These are the easiest items to add, and are a great way to build up points!

Where do I get help?

The best place to get help is to reach out through our Discord server. Drop your question in the #Site-Help channel and we'll be back with an answer as soon as possible!