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an 18+ literate city rp based around the asian entertainment industry

china, japan, south korea. three separate countries in east asia, tied not only historically but also in their largely successful entertainment industries. dreams come true allows for you to create characters located in each of these countries, with the ability to move between and work in others as plots and players see fit.

whilst many of these characters will have a focus in one of the many entertainment companies we offer, there's also the ability to make someone completely unaffiliated with them- it's up to you. china's biggest movie star to date? hell yeah. a broke university student with barely enough money for a packet of noodles? go for it. any and all characters are welcome- just remember, anything that happens in character can (and will) have consequences.

here, essentially, you can make your characters' dreams come true... or crush them completely.

6 months
Last Update
August 22nd, 2020

──── welcome to dreams come true ──── 

❝ an 18+ literate city rp based around the asian entertainment industry. ❞

what we offer —

❥ ⠇ active + friendly community!

❥ ⠇ welcoming + helpful staff!

❥ ⠇ open freeform application to create your ocs!

❥ ⠇ a "big 3" company layout + many smaller companies! [korea]

❥ ⠇ a "big 2" company layout + acting canons! [china]

❥ ⠇ actor canons, open roles + original dramas written by players!

❥ ⠇ training system + predebut groups!

❥ ⠇ non-entertainment occupations!

❥ ⠇ auxiliary comms server for social media feed & texts!

❥ ⠇ frequent main events + mini events for bdays!

❥ ⠇ real-time consequences for character actions!

❥ ⠇ focus on character development!

❥ ⠇ lgbt+ inclusive space!

❥ ⠇ diverse range of fcs accepted!

──── we hope to see you there ────