Marvel: Excelsior!

a blended MCU/616 roleplay site
The lore-rich history of the MCU is the foundation of our site, woven together with a simplified Earth-616 comic book timeline, which allows for the X-Men (and others who have not appeared in the MCU), as well as FX’s Legion and the Deadpool movies, to be smoothly integrated.

Marvel: Excelsior! is a MCU / Marvel Comics fandom roleplay, rated 2-2-2. We offer relaxed activity requirements and no minimum word count.
3 weeks 4 days
Last Update
July 11th, 2020

Excelsior: a Latin comparative word often translated as "ever upwards" or "even higher"; a catchphrase made famous by Stan “The Man” Lee.

Marvel: Excelsior! is a roleplay site that blends the established MCU films and TV shows (with certain tweaks, additions and exclusions), along with aspects from the 616 comic book ‘verse (most notably, the X-Men), the Deadpool movies, and FX’s Legion woven in. With all of this rich lore to build upon, our characters will largely already be familiar with each other and will already have plot points, friendships and rivalries to build upon.

We will take our characters “ever upwards” with new adventures!

Establishing a sense of community and inclusion is very important to us at Marvel: Excelsior! We want all members to be comfortable here and to feel included, no matter who they are or where they come from. This site and its Discord are meant to be a safe space where we can happily nerd out with each other, make plans that will impact our characters’ lives, and just generally have a great time with each other.