May Update

Here's what's new for May: everything! Welcome to The Roleplay Network, a unique roleplay and resource listing site with a powerful filtering system to help you find what you need fast.

Here are the features currently available

  • Setting up your account

    Check out this page for information on how to register, set up your account, and become a verified user!


  • Find My Face directory

    A user-submitted directory of faces suitable for use as play-bys, categorised every way imaginable! Search by age, hair colour, ethnicity, and more! Find out more about submitting faces on the Face Submissions page.


  • Tag Requests

    One person alone cannot think of all the tags required to list the variety of resources TRN will ultimately have, so we need your help to add new ones! Submit your ideas here, or show support for ideas already listed!


  • Favourites System

    Save your favourite resources for later viewing, and 'vote up' the listings you love so that others can enjoy them too!


  • Content Liking

    Show your support for suggestions and requests made by other users.


Click on the links to find out more about each feature and how they work! 

Why only faces?

Much of our documentation mentions "listings" when all there is so far is faces. Over time, we will be adding new sections to TRN to list more types of content, including skins and themes, roleplays themselves, and even a requests section.

Each of these sections will be built in a similar fashion to the current face directory. Because the set up is new, we chose to release with just Find My Face active, so that we can iron out any unexpected issues and make releasing future features far smoother. 

We will be releasing new features as we feel the system is ready, so that means we need to do a lot of testing on Find My Face! Want to help? Just submit listings and suggestions! 

What's to come?

You can check out the full roadmap of planned features on our development roadmap post

Why The Roleplay Network at all?

TRN began as a dream almost 10 years ago. There are so many amazing communities out there in the roleplay world, and so many different ways to roleplay but each group appeared to be so separate from the next. The forum roleplayers barely knew the blog roleplayers existed, and when social media roleplaying became a thing---that created another community entirely.

And yet, each community had things in common. We want our groups to be seen and joined, many formats require play-bys or face claims, we each have experts who write amazing how-tos and even create free resources for everyone to use. But unless you knew where to find these things, you might never see them.

In a lot of cases, the software that was most common in each community didn't make searching easy. You had to load several topics in forums, or know which tags to search on Tumblr. There was no one easy way to find what you need. 

Thus, TRN exists to provide a flexible, visual and data-driven approach to finding resources. Items you don't need filter away as you select what you're looking for, and you can see previews of the resources that match your criteria as you go. 

Our aim is to become a hub, a connection point that allows users to search for resources that exist on other communities in the RPC and discover everything that those communities have to offer. 

Each of our goals depends heavily on your input and participation. Whether that's submitting a few faces to the directory, or later listing your roleplay group, or even your resources -- the more connections we have, the more value TRN has in the RPC.

Together, we can make it happen!