The Merwin Project

An Original Gifted Humanoid RP
We are an original gifted humanoid roleplay that prides itself on providing a relaxed environment for all our members. Our goal is to improve our roleplaying together as a group, and the laughs, creative setting, and dynamic plot make it entirely worthwhile!
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September 21st, 2020

Dr. Hans Merwin began experimenting with combining human and animal DNA in 1984 with hopes of giving humans the amazing evolutionary adaptations of other animals. His project produced its first live birth of a human-animal hybrid in 1993 and the project was labeled a success. After an incident in 2002, the project was shut down and the hybrid children relocated to a compound in Latvia where they were kept separate from the rest of the world. Four years after the Accident, a new laboratory was established in Latvia and the project continued in secret, producing new hybrids. The hybrids live in completely different worlds from each other. Many still reside in the open compound, free from the constant tests and training of the scientists, while some have only known the concrete walls and strict regimens of their human caretakers.