My Life in Shatters

Modern Greek Mythology

Welcome to the land of myths and legends where time is fleeting and gossip is plenty. Man or God, this small patch of the Earth is home to all. Walk the urban streets of the Underworld, scale Mount Olympus, tell Hera of Zeus's latest affair, open a bakery -- the life is yours to live. Will you make the most of it, or will you let it end in shatters?

4 months 3 weeks
Last Update
January 20th, 2021

  • Drawn only face-claims (animanga, drawn, painted, etc.)

  • Features a multi-timeline where the mortal realm is set around ~1200BC and the Gods' realm is set in present day, offering a large variety of plots and characters.

  • Gods, Demi-Gods, humans, and creatures are available for creation

  • No requirement for threading templates (plus optional BBcode threader templates)

  • No word count

  • 18+ community, though most of us are well in our twenties.


Sept. 15: Full open has kicked off! Come check us out! :)