☽ Neverthere - JCINK PREM ☾

An Original Supe Creature RP - 18+

Neverthere is an original supernatural RP with extremely flexible activity guidelines and a freeform history application that also acts as your shipper. Set in the modern day city of Neverthere, Oregon, players can choose between a variety of species groups and affiliations. Players are also encouraged to participate in site events or they're free to start group subplots on their own!

4 years 5 months
Last Update
August 18th, 2020

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Neverthere is a bustling, large town located near the northern coast of Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River. Humans have inhabited Columbia’s watershed for more than 15,000 years, but in all that time they’ve never been alone. There has always been whispers of something darker in the thick, wild forests; something watching. In Neverthere the supernaturals have managed to keep their community and kind hidden. But something old and once silenced is starting to stir...

Our game takes place in the fictional city of Neverthere, Oregon. It is located near the coast of the Pacific ocean. In the growing but small city, the supernatural community has remained hidden thanks to the hard work of the Keepers of the Veil, an alliance of the local supernatural groups. There are a myriad of creatures that live in Neverthere, but the peace held between the covens, packs, and the Council is shaky at best. 

Downtown, a shiny chrome building rises above the rest: GENETECH. It's reputation is as clean as its prisitine marbled lobby. The drug developer has been in town as long as Neverthere has been a town. There's more to the pharma giant than meets the eye, though, something else lurking below that sparkling corporate headquarters.