Painted Truths

rl - rich famous royal - monaco

A mecca for all things wealth, fame, and luxury. But along with all that notoriety comes scandal and the abuse of power. What is true and what isn't? Who is corrupt and who is on the straight and narrow? Enjoy the riches and the luxuries of the spoiled who want for nothing and expect everyone to do their bidding. This is literal paradise, slather on the 24k SPF and feel what it is like to live the life one can only dream of.

5 months 3 weeks
Last Update
August 21st, 2020

Painted Truths is a real life adult roleplay that is set in a fictional version of Monaco. With the royal family being an active presence on the board there is so much to explore in this world that we are hoping you will create with us. What sorts of struggles and drama will the royal family get themselves into? How does the newest millionaire from America fit into the new country with different laws and regulations? Perhaps a Monegasque has found themselves pregnant and they know the father of the baby isn’t their billionaire Entrepreneur husband, but instead someone who works in the palace security!


Painted Truths is a place to explore all sorts of scandal within the lifestyles of the rich, famous, and royal. Live the high life. Live in the life of luxury. Give your characters all that their hearts desire, and then, if you so choose, snatch it all away and watch as they are left trying to pick up the pieces.


The first event of King Hugh's birthday is wrapping up and we will be starting a new site event next week!