Project Initiative

An intergalactic AU Marvel RP

Whether you are a mutant, superbeing, human, hero or rebel -- the mission is yours to accept.

Project Initiative is a character-driven Marvel RP with exciting sci-fi twists.

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Last Update
October 7th, 2020

The goal of the site is to develop characters together in this unique Marvel setting, focusing on missions and adventures in space. We hope to have your characters impact the ways in which the site plot operates through their actions, relationships, growth, and mistakes. We also encourage engagement in each other’s individual character plots so that we can truly build this world (or this universe) together! We focus on team bonding, missions, and meaningful plots. 


We just got started with a spooky Halloween plot! People aboard the spaceship are quite literally losing sleep and by consequence, losing their minds. How will they get out of this predicament?