A Modern fantasy RP set in San Francisco.
It’s chaos in the city by the bay. The humans know nothing about the supernatural and now they are threatened to be exposed. It isn’t just their usual nemesis the church of Our Light of Hope but also it seems there’s someone else pulling the strings to tear the city apart. Long standing feuds are being put aside as strange alliances are made.

Rumors of all kinds are coming out about the various things that are happening. Even hunters from afar are turning up and striking. Can the supernaturals keep war from exploding in the streets or will they eventually be exposed, and everything lost?
2 years 5 months
Last Update
July 10th, 2020
We are a relaxed atmosphere modern fantasy rp based in San Francisco, California set in the present day. We have no word count or AC's. We have a forum wide story along with many member driven plots that are easy to jump into. We have many wanted ads from the members and encourage new members to check them out or write what they would enjoy. We are multicultural and have members from all parts. We don't discourage lurkers or those that may not be comfortable with Discord. We do utilize the PM system on the forum and encourage everyone to do what makes them most comfortable. Hope to see you soon!

What We Offer:

•••18+ setting (Members, not characters)

•••2 yrs active

•••Friendly and helpful staff and members

•••Freedom in creativity


•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere

•••Active Discord Server