A relaxed Modern Fantasy/supernatural rp based in San Francisco, Ca

A relaxed modern fantasy rp based in San Francisco with diverse characters and members. Not affiliated with the fandom, we do have supernatural elements. Resolution has a site wide plot and several different member driven plots with plenty of wanteds for easy mingling.

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February 5th, 2021

Welcome to San Francisco. The city was established in the 1860’s but has been around a lot longer than that. Many changes have affected the city for all the races through the years. Troubles are nothing new to the city by the bay. Recently though those troubles seem to be growing. The races have peace hanging by a thread, with constant threats that seem to be emerging from all sides.The supernatural races have long been hidden from human kind, preferring to remain in the shadows. Some are guardians, still others a threat. As the modern world closes in, Our Light of Hope is threatening constantly to expose the supernatural world with it’s hate and hunters. Outside hunters have begun to beleaguer the supernaturals. It has become chaos in the city.


The humans continue to remain unaware of what is around them as things creep from the darkness. There's a new kind of threat to the vampires on the loose, does this have anything to do with the strange sickness that came? The Seelie are starting to unite slowly and get behind the banner of their Ashe. There's strange tidings with the Unseelie and is the threat external or more from the new Mordred that has taken the throne? The were packs are always in flux, but some unrest seems to brew from the Hyenas in Oakland and something amiss with the Wolves. Does this mean that both packs might end up in wars not of their own making?


February, the month of love. While love is blooming in the air for some, there is danger on the horizon. Something foul is running in the shadows of the city. Slowly hunters are creeping in as well. Something about this new thing is calling to them as well. As more seem to be appearing, it could mean danger for everyone. Can they learn enough before the storm begins, or will this be just the nudge to send everything over the edge?