Resource Hub Submission Guide

The roleplay community would be nowhere without our out-of-character communities, resource makers, and dedicated helpers. This directory is here to help members find communities and stellar individuals to enhance their roleplay life.

What is a Resource Hub?

At The Roleplay Network, we define a Resource Hub as "any individual or group dedicated to the OOC improvement of the roleplay experience". This includes (but is not limited to) community groups focused on any aspect of RP or RP-related endeavours, Roleplay Helpers, resource makers (including graphics, coding, and writing-related resources) and so much more. If your aim is to improve the roleplay community, you're a Resource Hub!

What sort of Resource Hubs do we accept?

As above, our definition is quite broad and this list is not definitive. But here are some common types of Resource Hubs:

  • Discussion communities/Discord servers for roleplayers to connect OOC
  • Roleplay Help blogs
  • Advertising blogs/forums/Discord/other
  • Coders/graphics makers/other resource makers supplying their resources from their own blog
  • Communities dedicated to teaching and discussing roleplay related skills, eg. graphics, coding, writing
  • Individuals or communities dedicated to highlighting lesser-known faces
  • Groups dedicated to roleplaying within a particular fandom, connecting fandom groups together

Many Resource Hubs will cover more than one of these categories, and there are so many other services that are offered. If you're unsure whether your site/group qualifies as a Resource Hub, please ask in our Discord!

Before you submit

To be listed in the directory, you'll need to satisfy the advertisement requirements. We recommend making sure you do this before submitting your listing, so we can approve your listing faster. Requirements change a little depending on the type of resource hub you're submitting.

Advertising requirements:

  • Have the TRN affiliate button visible on your main page, in a static (non-scrolling) position (preferred) or
  • Have the TRN advert pinned at the top of your Guest Friendly Advertising forum or
  • Have a text link to TRN included on an affiliates/similar page easily accessible from your main index (for sites/groups that do not have an existing affiliate table, or who list their affiliates in a different way) or
  • Have a link to TRN pinned in a resources/similar channel (Discord only) or
  • Another method that suits your group/site. Come chat to us in the #Site-Help channel of our Discord server to work out what works for you!

You can find current copies of the advert and affiliate button code in the Advertising Materials page.

Creating a submission

If you've not already registered and activated your account, check out the Getting Started Guide. Once you've done that, head on over to the Resource Hub listing page. Here you can view all of the currently approved Resource Hubs. At the top-right of the page, you'll find a quick link to "Add New Resource Hub". Alternately, you can find the "Add New Resource Hub" link in the Sites > Resource Hubs menu.

Or, just click this handy link here to be taken straight to the form!

Field guide

Like most of our submission forms, this is mostly checkboxes. Each checkbox adds a tag to your listing, so remember to check anything and everything that applies! As always, if you're unsure of what classifications apply to your Resource Hub, you're always welcome to ask in our Discord!

  • Title
    An easy one to start, this is the name of your Resource Hub! This is what will be shown in search results.
  • Tagline
    Enter something short and catchy that describes what your Resource Hub is all about.
  • Established
    This is the date that your Resource Hub went public. It doesn't have to be exact.
  • Hub Link
    This is the link to your main page. If you're submitting a Discord server, make sure that the invite link is set to never expire, or people may have trouble joining your community!
  • Hub Type
    Resource Hubs come in all varieties. This field breaks Resource Hubs down into one of three types:
    • Individual: The hub is owned and operated by a single, superstar individual supplying help to the wider roleplay community. This is most common for Roleplay Help blogs, and solo resource makers.
    • Closed Community: The hub is owned and operated by a small group of amazing people, supplying help to the wider roleplay community. There often isn't a staff/members dynamic, and although these communities may add new members to their group from time to time, membership isn't as open as in Open Communities. This is most common for Roleplay Help blogs with multiple helpers.
    • Open Community: The hub is owned and operated by a small group of legendary staff for the benefit of their members. These groups allow others in the roleplay community to register and become part of the community directly. This is most common for forum and Discord-based resource hubs.
  • Hub Focus
    Most hubs will have aspects that they focus, or specialise in. Select any that apply to yours! 
  • Hub Format
    Here you can tell us what software type your hub runs on. If you need a more specific tag, select "Other Website" and use the Tag Suggestions field to have your type added to this list!
  • Age Restrictions
    Select the lowest minimum age required to join your community (for open communities).
  • Services
    Here's where it gets fun! Select any of the listed services that can be found at your Resource Hub. As always, you can use the Tag Suggestions field at the bottom of the form to have more items added here.
  • Quick Links
    Here you can supply some direct links to important pages on your Resource Hub. What you use these for is up to you!
  • Body
    Here you can tell us a bit more about your Resource Hub, and what you do. In search results, this field will be trimmed to 300 characters. If you want a particular piece of text to be displayed in search results, you can click "Edit Summary" to define exactly what appears there.
  • Affiliate Button
    Upload an 88x31px button that represents your resource hub. This will be shown alongside search results, and in leaderboards. If you don't have one, a default button will be used.
  • Images
    Here you can upload up to 15 images that showcase what your Resource Hub is about. Not required, but fun!
  • Advert Requirements
    Here you can tell us which of the Advert Requirements you have completed, so we know where to look when reviewing your submission!
  • Tag Suggestions
    Here you can suggest any tags that you would like added to your listing. Check out the Tag Requests guide for more information on how to fill this out.
  • Listing Type
    This field should automatically be set to "site", and helps with our leaderboard data. Leave it on "site".

Submitting your listing

Once you've got that all filled out, and your advert requirements completed, it's time to submit! At the very bottom of the form you'll find the "Save As" field. By default this will be set to "Draft". While it's on Draft you can edit and adjust as much as you need.

When you're ready to finalise your submission, change it to "Ready for Review" and hit "Save". We will look over your submission as soon as we can, and get you into the directory pronto!