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How to easily generate icon posts such as those found on Insanejournal, Dreamwidth and Livejournal

I learned how to gif under my current method from a since deactivated tumblr user. So I thought i’d share the information here for anyone who’d like to learn. I’m on photoshop cc 2020 for mac, but as long as you have the timeline function you’re fine.

This guide steps through the process of creating a forum row layout using Flexbox to maximise functionality on screens of all sizes.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a responsive two-column forum layout, where odd forums stretch across the full width of the row, using the miracle of flexbox.

In this tutorial we're going to dive into a little PHP and SQL to create a face claim list for Invision Community 4, that lists the play-bys of all characters accepted, and those on application.