RP Submission Guide

Ready to submit your RP to the directory? Amazing! If you've not already registered and activated your account, check out the Getting Started Guide.

Before you submit

To be listed in the directory, you'll need to satisfy the advertisement requirements. We recommend making sure you do this before submitting your advert, so we can approve your advert faster. Requirements change a little depending on the type of roleplay you're submitting.

Advertising requirements:

  • Have the TRN affiliate button visible on your main page, in a static (non-scrolling) position (preferred) or
  • Have the TRN advert pinned at the top of your Guest Friendly Advertising forum or
  • Have a text link to TRN included on an affiliates/similar page easily accessible from your main index (for sites/groups that do not have an existing affiliate table, or who list their affiliates in a different way) or
  • Have a link to TRN pinned in a resources/similar channel (Discord only) or
  • Another method that suits your group/site. Come chat to us in the #Site-Help channel of our Discord server to work out what works for you!

You can find current copies of the advert and affiliate button code in the Advertising Materials page.

Creating a submission

To start your RP submission, select "New RP Group Listing" from the Sites > Roleplay Groups menu, or click this link here

It might look like a lot, but most of it is checkboxes. Each field and tag is designed to help potential members find your site fast, the more information you can give, the better matched your RP will be for people searching through our system.

Field guide

The basics

  • Title
    The name of your RP, easy enough!
  • Community Link
    The link to your main index. If you're using the TRN button as your advert requirement, this is the page it would ideally be on. Discord groups will put their invite link here.
  • About
    Tell us a little about your RP! This is the main information block, so include things like your plot and setting.
  • Established
    This is the date your RP was created. If the RP has been rebooted, please select the date of your most recent reboot.
  • Roleplay Scope
    Select whether the RP is multigenre, or not. 
  • Roleplay Type
    Select the format of the RP: blog, forum, etc.

Character creation

  • Application Type
    Select any application types that are used in your RP, including appless and optional applications.
  • Character Types
    Select any character types that are available in your RP.
  • Face Claims
    Select any face types that are allowed to be used in your RP, as well as whether they are optional or required.


  • Genres
    If your RP is not multifandom, select any genres that apply to your RP.
  • Setting
    Select any setting tags that apply to your RP.
  • Location
    If your RP takes place in a real-world location, enter the country/town/city that it takes place in. You can add more than one if needed.
  • Time Period
    Select any time periods that apply to your RP.

Fandom Details

  • Fandom
    Select the fandom types (books, movies, etc) and specifics (Harry Potter, etc) that apply to your RP. If your direct fandom is not listed, please request it in the Tag Suggestions at the end of the form!


  • Community Features
    Select any community features that apply to your RP group.


  • Age Restrictions
    Choose the minimum age requirement for players joining your RP
  • Language Rating
    Select the highest allowable language rating for your RP as determined by RPG Ratings.
  • Sexual Content Rating
    Select the highest allowable sexual content rating for your RP as determined by RPG Ratings.
  • Violence Rating
    Select the highest allowable violence rating for your RP as determined by RPG Ratings.
  • Word Count
    Select any word count rules that apply to your RP


  • Quick Links
    List any links that you want to highlight for potential visitors to your RP. This might be to getting started guides, claims, character adoptions, and more. Add as many as you need.


  • Affiliate Image
    Upload your 88x31 affiliate image. This will be used for leaderboards and other small features.
  • Images
    Upload any other images to represent your RP. The first image in the upload list will be used as the cover, and you can drag and drop images to order them as you like. Square images work best here.


  • Updates
    Use this field to inform potential visitors of what is new, and currently happening in your RP. This is a great way to bump your listing!


  • Advert Requirements
    Select the requirement option you have chosen. This will help our staff find the button or advert so we can approve your listing.
  • Listing Type
    This field should automatically be set to "site", and helps with our leaderboard data. Leave it on "site".
  • Tag Suggestions
    You can list any tags you need for your listing in this section, and more information on filling this out can be found on the Tag Suggestions page.
  • Moderation State
    When you're ready for us to review your submission, flick this to "Ready To Review" and hit "Save"!

Submitting your listing

When your listing is complete and ready for us to review, select "Ready To Review" in the Moderation State field, and hit "Save". We will look it over as soon as we can, and contact you if there are any questions or suggestions to improve your listing.