The Secret Expanse

We are a plotless Rolepley Community where persons can expand their writing capabilities.

Write any genre or fandom your heart desires. Original characters are allowed.

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Last Update
November 1st, 2020

On our website persons are allowed to create their characters and write whatever story line they desire to play out. We say plotless meaning that any genre , time frame ,theme , etc. is allowed to be written on our website.

Adult content is allowed though we ask persons to considerate of others and not make explicit content visible. This means no explicit images/gifs. But they can post suggestive images/gifs.

Persons are required to use a face claim when roleplaying BUT they do not have to register that face claim. So multiple persons are allowed to use the same face claim. 

We do not restrict persons from having group pages (more than one character per page) , but we do ask that they keep them small.