Sparkling Creek Valley

Primarily a Wolf/Canine rpg, but allows other animals and humans.
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Sparkling Creek Valley is a semi-realistic animal/human rpg with a focus on canines. We are open to creativity, with as few rules as possible to give members the freedom to play their characters as they like, with focus on character interaction and storytelling rather than competition for points or power. We offer numerous boards to give characters a richer, more detailed universe to play in, and are very flexible and open to taking new suggestions and ideas from our members.

Whether you enjoy extravagant, drama-filled plots or quieter, every day interactions with your characters, Sparkling Creek Valley caters to both, and everything in between. We're waiting to hear your story.

19 years 1 month
Last Update
September 18th, 2020

Sparkling Creek Valley is a semi-realistic game, set in modern times, in a fictional location. Originally a Wolf rpg started in 2001, it has since evolved to allow all animal species, including humans. While there are occasional site wide plots, the game is driven primarily by the players, who create their own plots and stories.

Basic Guidelines

- Play as a wide range of animal species (primarily canine, equine, & human).

- Semi-Realistic ('human in horse/wolf/ect body' style gameplay).

- All levels/styles of rpers welcome.

- No powers/elements/magic.

- Single sentence replies? That's cool!

- Multi-paragraph, highly detailed replies? Also awesome!

- Want to just chill and chat? Hang out in the OOC board!

- Have time and muse to post daily, or only once a week or so? No pressure! (Erm, unless you're the proud owner of a territory, then there are slight activity requirements.)

- Few rules to allow players to play as they want within the realms of realism! Woohoo!

- Multiple boards to bring the Valley to life, offering a range of landscapes and and areas to explore!

If you're new to the message board style of PbP Rpgs feel free to stop by the OOC (Out of Character) board and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!