Star Wars: Galactic Conquest

A community driven Star Wars Sandbox Forum Roleplaying Game
A community sandbox Star Wars based Community Roleplay forum where if you can write it; you can probably do it! Set 3000 years after the Skywalker Saga this open world sandbox roleplay mixes nation building, grand strategy and war with the gritty personal stories and perspectives of the individual in a fleshed out and historic universe which only answers to one person: YOU.
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Last Update
August 18th, 2020
Slightly different to other role plays of the same vein, Star Wars: Galactic Conquest allows for players to build and create a faction from the ground up where players may engage in nation building, inter-galactic politics and war.

Alternatively, the player may place their boots firmly on the ground, exploring the living and ever-changing Galaxy through the eyes of a Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian or merely A simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

Saying that...why not try both?

Star Wars: Galactic Conquest takes place in a unique setting within the Star Wars Universe. Our RPG takes place 3000 years after the end of the Skywalker Saga (or the last known date in both canon/legends). The galaxy at large is recovering from a dark age of regression and it is up to you to guide your factions and characters through the ever changing stars. Due to our style of writing and community moderation we have been able to create a special blend of content that mixes the aspects of the much beloved Star Wars Legends with the new Star Wars canon. It doesn't matter which you prefer because as a member of Star Wars: Galactic Conquest you can make it work the way you want to.

As an expansive open world sandbox forum-based roleplay the world is very much your oyster (or space gooey oyster thing). With a relaxed community and on-hand moderator support players can make a home here, whether it’s a couple of hours a week after school or work or posting every day.

As a community our emphasis is on shared storytelling and community roleplaying; where live-and-let-live underpins almost everything we do.