Starwatch Weyr

AU Pern on an alien world

AIVAS' plan worked, and Thread has been gone from Pern for centuries. Life flourished, and all was good - until Earth once again remembered about Pern. Earth sought to take advantage of Pern's psychically powerful dragonkin and their Bonded, thinking up profitable ways to utilise such pairings, from the mundane to the military.

Seeking to preserve their way of life, one Weyr took to the stars in search of a new home - and found Xentia. Now they face the challenge of building a new home on a hostile planet, learning new ways to survive.

Will you join the people of Starwatch Weyr in writing this page of their history?

3 months
Last Update
August 3rd, 2020

Set on the alien world of Xentia, Starwatch Weyr follows refugees from Pern as they attempt to carve out a new home for themselves. Fleeing a Pern rediscovered by a greedy, grasping Earth, the motley crew of mixed folk find themselves contending with a planet that is, in theory, hospitable. However, as players explore and discover more of their new home, dangerous beasties and perilous environments will become apparent.

We offer non-sexuality or gender based impressions, player created species to encounter or play, and some good ol' fashioned camping - because a Weyr has to start someplace.


  • The clutches of the twin Queens, Aywith and Faranath, are on the Hatching Sands, and awaiting candidates.

  • Contact has been made with one of Xentia's native races - the lizard-like Ja'kar.

  • Icacia and her gold, Kestrith, have begun to explore the nearby dead volcano in hopes of making it into a new home for the refugees.

  • The refugees are running low on medical supplies - namely the painkiller and anaesthetic, fellis