Tag Requests

Our tagging system is a constantly evolving work in progress, and we need you to help make it more awesome! On this page, you can suggest new tags for any current listing type at The Roleplay Network, all you need to do is comment it below!

Alternatively, you can suggest tags in the Discord server.

Existing tags

You can view our existing tags by listing type at the following pages:

Submitting tag requests

You can submit tag requests for any part of any listing. Tags for only one listing type can be submitted per comment, so create multiple comments if you want to suggest tags for different listing types!

Select the listing type and fill out the Tag Suggestions field in the comment form with the tag you're requesting and any parent tags in the form Field >> Tag Parent >> Requested Tag

For example, if you wanted to request a new tag (Prehistoric) to be added to the following section:

aesthetic screenshot

You would submit the tag request as:

  • Listing type: Faces

    Aesthetic >> Aesthetic Genre Style >> Prehistoric

Or, if you wanted us to create a whole new section of the aesthetic field (eg a new parent tag Aesthetic Costumes with the child tag Clowns) you would submit that as:

  • Listing type: Faces

    Aesthetic >> Aesthetic Costumes >> Clowns

In short, if the appropriate tags don't exist to suit what you want to list, please request them! You can request as many tags as you like just click 'Add Another Item' to generate a new line!

Submission and approval

Once you're happy with your list of suggestions, click 'save' and our editors will review and add as needed!

Suggestions that have been reviewed will be deleted to keep this page current.

Thanks for your help in making our tags more awesome!


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sexuality > homosexual > gay
sexuality > homosexual > lesbian
sexuality > bicurious
sexuality > polysexual
sexuality > fluid
sexuality > queer
gender > non-binary > agender
gender > non-binary > androgyne
gender > bigender
gender > demigender
gender > gender neutral
gender > gender questioning
gender > intersex
gender > pangender
gender > two-spirit
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