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Dark Tranquility is an 18+ original supernatural set in a modern day fictional city of Disturbia.

Dark Tranquility is an 18+ original supernatural set in a modern day fictional city of Disturbia. A city where supernaturals walk as imitation humans, blending in with society to keep their true identities hidden.

To humans, supernaturals are merely a myth. A legend. Those with a sane mindset doesn't believe in supernatural creatures. They're alien and only exists in fairytales.

The City of Disturbia is rich with businesses, heavy in tourism, overwhelmed in violence, and bustling in the nightlife scene. It's a breeding ground to attract individuals from all walks of life. This includes the fabled supernaturals!

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July 25th, 2020

It's a Fae World

Supernatural beings are collectively known as "Fae", while humans refer to them as supernaturals, or mythical creatures. Some even work in high profile career positions such as government and law positions to assist in covering up traces and evidence of their existence from humans and their colleagues.

Slavery; The Claim Game

Most humans that end up believing in the supernaturals, or Fae, ends up as slaves to them. Whether by choice from the human, by force from the supernatural, or through the slave trade market, any species of the Fae can claim a human as their pet. Pets are often devoted to their owner(s) typically if they choose to be claimed by a supernatural. A bond is solidified between a Fae and its pet through a pearl stone infused into a piece of jewelry or collar of their choice. This jewelry or collar can only be obtained and enchanted from a witchcrafter.

A witchcrafter's enchanted slave collar or jewelry neutralizes the abilities and powers of any supernatural slave forced to wear it.

Humans who end up knowing too much about the existence of supernaturals could find themselves on the wrong side of the creatures, as it could lead to them being hunted down. As an alternative, these humans are given the option to become slaves where they will be unable to tell what they know to others.

Supernaturals can also become slaves to other supernatural. Like humans, this can be done by will, force or through the slave trade market.


The City of Sex & Sin


Disturbia is a city often named the City of Sex & Sin. Known for it's nightlife scenes, it's red light district vibes, it attract many lusty individuals; from humans seeking out the thrill, to opportunistic Fae looking to take advantage of the eager and the submissive. Disturbia has a rich district of BDSM enthusiasts. Clubs are plentiful where live public sex shows and entertainment exists.

A strong LGBTQ community is also present in Disturbia, attracting human and Fae from many different backgrounds and preferences. No one is off limits in the City of Sex & Sin. Slavery is also prevalent within Disturbia with humans and Fae, whether they are interested in the BDSM scene or not. Some are against their will, and this is typically present in the underground. Most slavery crimes goes unreported for obvious reasons.

Rape, kidnapping, and sexual assaults are also something individuals must keep a look out for in Disturbia. Sex and violence are a constantly rising statistic in the city and with the rising population, that doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.