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A land brimming with magic, dangers are starting to crawl from a hole in the world.

Estorica is a world of history and lore forgotten by even its own people, after the gods all disappeared. Only now that magic has reawakened, do the newly found eleven races all look to their past to find out their future as the Abyss’s maw opens to swallow everything. Why did it form, what is at bottom? Many adventurers have gone forth, but none have found even a glimmer of answers. Can you be the one to find them, or will you die and just be another pile of bones decorating the way.

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July 30th, 2020

Cavus existed in a constant state of strife between Mortals, Birthless, and The Vagary. Battles were fought using the energies that existed before the creation of the world, and In this war, the world was covered in destruction, decay, and null magic. The God of Balance ‘Elise’ used all of the known magic in the world to defeat a threat to Mortals and Birthless alike. She did it with the hope that it would end all wars once and for all. Instead, it nearly stripped the world of magic, banishing Gods, and Birthless for over 1000 years.

Mortals lived in hatred of one another over those years, warring over resources, pride, and ideologies, and in their hatred they gave birth to the God Eater, and it gave creation to the Vagary. The Vagary battled with mortals in an attempt to conquer them all. The God Eater nearly ruled over all mortals thanks to his creation, but the mortals came together and begged the last known Birthless of the world to grant godhood to a savior, a restorer of magic. Their wish was granted, and magic was returned to the world. Mortals drove the God Eater back into the abyss and reclaimed their lands and freedom.

A century has passed since the defeat of the God Eater, and the stories of battles between gods have faded away into legend and folklore. The world once again finds itself teetering on the edges of war between mortals. Vagary continue to rise from the abyss to bring calamity to all. The cries of the weak go unanswered, and where magic was once abundant for all mortals only half wield it today. 

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The Past, The Present, or The Future… Where will your story take you?

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July 21st, 2020

The Past, The Present & The Future

Where am I to post? I don't understand? All will be explained, I promise. In the event of having numerous boards and begging to have this or that. We've opted for the following loose eras but are fluid:

  • The Past is the medieval domain of the Creatures: the vampires, werewolves, and others have kingdoms ruled by their own. The humans either submit to rule or take up with the hunters to try to attack the battlements of the strongholds.

  • The Present is the modern-day world as we know it, where the creatures and most gifted live in hiding or in communities that keep them safe from the Templars and the hunters.

  • The Future is the world of totalitarian government, dirty technology and where controlled borders are the norms. Your life is under their control... all for the greater good, of course.


  • We'd love to see some fresh faces and meet new friends! No word count, no app... Loads of potential!

  • All member boards are open for your reading pleasure and to get a feel for what we have to offer.

  • A note about "plots" or Era ideas... as long as your creature characters fall in line with the outlines or have contacted the staff about modify, etc. you are free to post as you like. We're an anthology board, dare I say borderline sandbox. Have fun, write, share, it's what we're here for!

  • Time is irrelevant anymore, lol. We have no activity checks for this reason, we're adults, and reality is far more important than posts. Please remember this. We're here for you to take a break with. Stay safe, stay well... AND Post boosts are staying on throughout the summer!!

  • Come take a look! We'd love to see some fresh faces and meet new friends!

  • We're still here and plotting. Come take a look if you're looking for an interesting concept.

  • All fandoms are welcome!