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The Past, The Present, or The Futureā€¦ Where will your story take you?

3 years 3 months
Last Update
July 21st, 2020

The Past, The Present & The Future

Where am I to post? I don't understand? All will be explained, I promise. In the event of having numerous boards and begging to have this or that. We've opted for the following loose eras but are fluid:

  • The Past is the medieval domain of the Creatures: the vampires, werewolves, and others have kingdoms ruled by their own. The humans either submit to rule or take up with the hunters to try to attack the battlements of the strongholds.

  • The Present is the modern-day world as we know it, where the creatures and most gifted live in hiding or in communities that keep them safe from the Templars and the hunters.

  • The Future is the world of totalitarian government, dirty technology and where controlled borders are the norms. Your life is under their control... all for the greater good, of course.


  • We'd love to see some fresh faces and meet new friends! No word count, no app... Loads of potential!

  • All member boards are open for your reading pleasure and to get a feel for what we have to offer.

  • A note about "plots" or Era ideas... as long as your creature characters fall in line with the outlines or have contacted the staff about modify, etc. you are free to post as you like. We're an anthology board, dare I say borderline sandbox. Have fun, write, share, it's what we're here for!

  • Time is irrelevant anymore, lol. We have no activity checks for this reason, we're adults, and reality is far more important than posts. Please remember this. We're here for you to take a break with. Stay safe, stay well... AND Post boosts are staying on throughout the summer!!

  • Come take a look! We'd love to see some fresh faces and meet new friends!

  • We're still here and plotting. Come take a look if you're looking for an interesting concept.

  • All fandoms are welcome!

Jcink Premium, 5 years old, mature members, alternate universe

Zootropolis Chronicles was opened in March of 2016 and is just shy of 5 years old thanks to our hard working and devoted family-operated staff members and our members alike. We bring you a Zootropolis Chronicles, an alternate universe Zootopia RPG lightly based off the film where the game takes place in a city in crises and how it's occupants deal with the pressing circumstances ahead. We are a timeline focuses running plot RPG that permits (and strongly encourages) the use of Original Characters, yet - we also allow the usage of Canon Characters as well.

We feature Random Threads, a boosted discord server, and more. We look forward to seeing you there!

4 years 5 months
Last Update
July 11th, 2020

Hi and Welcome

Zootropolis Chronicles was opened in March of 2016 and has been running strong since. We have members from all over the world who have been with us since the day we opened into the RPG Community and would like to extend an invite to you to come check us out. Founded by my wife and I, we strove to create a community for "writers who just want to write,' - With limited admin intervention and to let those ideas come forward. Our rating is 3-2-3, hosted on a JCINK Premium board, with a boosted discord server. 

Most, if not all of our members are mature, friendly, and itching to roleplay with you. Our admin team is pro-active and our artists are standing by to create sketches for the communities members on demand. 

In short, Zootropolis Chronicles is a hybrid Zootopia and Beastars RPG featuring a timeline based running plot RPG; -your threads, and events all have impact on the story in relation to the way things are scheduled on the board, all past events can be revisited at will with your friends. 

We are an Account Per Character game utilizing JCINK's Account Switcher, with a small Application, LGBTQ friendly. We are accepting of all backgrounds regardless of where you are from. We look forward to seeing you on the site and in our discord server!