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Primarily a Wolf/Canine rpg, but allows other animals and humans.
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Sparkling Creek Valley is a semi-realistic animal/human rpg with a focus on canines. We are open to creativity, with as few rules as possible to give members the freedom to play their characters as they like, with focus on character interaction and storytelling rather than competition for points or power. We offer numerous boards to give characters a richer, more detailed universe to play in, and are very flexible and open to taking new suggestions and ideas from our members.

Whether you enjoy extravagant, drama-filled plots or quieter, every day interactions with your characters, Sparkling Creek Valley caters to both, and everything in between. We're waiting to hear your story.

19 years 5 months
Last Update
September 18th, 2020

Sparkling Creek Valley is a semi-realistic game, set in modern times, in a fictional location. Originally a Wolf rpg started in 2001, it has since evolved to allow all animal species, including humans. While there are occasional site wide plots, the game is driven primarily by the players, who create their own plots and stories.

Basic Guidelines

- Play as a wide range of animal species (primarily canine, equine, & human).

- Semi-Realistic ('human in horse/wolf/ect body' style gameplay).

- All levels/styles of rpers welcome.

- No powers/elements/magic.

- Single sentence replies? That's cool!

- Multi-paragraph, highly detailed replies? Also awesome!

- Want to just chill and chat? Hang out in the OOC board!

- Have time and muse to post daily, or only once a week or so? No pressure! (Erm, unless you're the proud owner of a territory, then there are slight activity requirements.)

- Few rules to allow players to play as they want within the realms of realism! Woohoo!

- Multiple boards to bring the Valley to life, offering a range of landscapes and and areas to explore!

If you're new to the message board style of PbP Rpgs feel free to stop by the OOC (Out of Character) board and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have!

A Modern Tokyo Animanga RPG

You either have been or just became a denizen of this massive collection of skyscrapers. No matter your occupation or age, you now exist in a reality that is shared with every other ghost around you. A common heartbeat, a similar breath. Bathe in the sunlight, or drown in the nightlife. But much like the wings of a moth, you now live in crime and you will surely fall. This city will be your utopia. You need only to open your eyes.

9 months 3 weeks
Last Update
July 30th, 2020

The Holes We've Left is an anime/manga/manhwa based universe that is centralized around Tokyo. Following a narrative of crime, drama, and slice of life, the stories we tell revolve around realistic situations and follow a more real life type of standard.

Jcink Premium, 5 years old, mature members, alternate universe

Zootropolis Chronicles was opened in March of 2016 and is just shy of 5 years old thanks to our hard working and devoted family-operated staff members and our members alike. We bring you a Zootropolis Chronicles, an alternate universe Zootopia RPG lightly based off the film where the game takes place in a city in crises and how it's occupants deal with the pressing circumstances ahead. We are a timeline focuses running plot RPG that permits (and strongly encourages) the use of Original Characters, yet - we also allow the usage of Canon Characters as well.

We feature Random Threads, a boosted discord server, and more. We look forward to seeing you there!

4 years 11 months
Last Update
July 11th, 2020

Hi and Welcome

Zootropolis Chronicles was opened in March of 2016 and has been running strong since. We have members from all over the world who have been with us since the day we opened into the RPG Community and would like to extend an invite to you to come check us out. Founded by my wife and I, we strove to create a community for "writers who just want to write,' - With limited admin intervention and to let those ideas come forward. Our rating is 3-2-3, hosted on a JCINK Premium board, with a boosted discord server. 

Most, if not all of our members are mature, friendly, and itching to roleplay with you. Our admin team is pro-active and our artists are standing by to create sketches for the communities members on demand. 

In short, Zootropolis Chronicles is a hybrid Zootopia and Beastars RPG featuring a timeline based running plot RPG; -your threads, and events all have impact on the story in relation to the way things are scheduled on the board, all past events can be revisited at will with your friends. 

We are an Account Per Character game utilizing JCINK's Account Switcher, with a small Application, LGBTQ friendly. We are accepting of all backgrounds regardless of where you are from. We look forward to seeing you on the site and in our discord server! 

The end is only the beginning.

The dark lord is defeated and the wizarding world rejoices. Members of fringe movements are being rounded up and brought to justice swiftly and without prejudice. The attack on Azkaban shakes the wizarding world's newfound peace. Then again, the end is only just another beginning.

2 years 7 months
Last Update
July 10th, 2020

It was a mild Halloween night. The skies were clear, and the moon shone brightly. A crisp Autumn breeze trembled through the trees. In a quiet house, on a quiet street, a decade-long war was coming to a close. A Death Eater raid meant to kill Neville Longbottom, the boy named in the prophecy, ended instead with the imprisonment of several key Death Eaters, the capture of Albus Dumbledore, and the death of the Dark Lord.

The war was over, and the Ministry of Magic declared the victory as their own. The next few years were spent pursuing and prosecuting both Death Eaters and Order of the Phoenix members alike. The Death Eaters were imprisoned for violently carrying out their archaic beliefs, and the Order members, for being vigilantes acting without oversight or Ministry authorization. Peace and stability would reign again, Minister Bagnold promised, no matter what the cost.

The Azkaban breakout, orchestrated by a secret faction of disaffected purebloods, was the first attack on the Ministry’s promise . Many believed that it would be the first attack of many, and that the war, in actuality, had never truly ended .

Some fear this new reality, already damaged beyond repair from the devastation they witnessed, or in some cases, the devastation they caused themselves. Some close their eyes to it, sinking deeper into the comforting words churned out by the Ministry and the Daily Prophet. Others, still, welcome it, seeing this as their second chance at victory. This time, a victory that would be won on their own terms.


July 7th // 

maudlin has a NEW site event, a diverse & unique set of wanted ads, and a tight-knit community of writers always eager to welcome new ideas, plots, and characters. check us out!

key canons still available --- lily evans, james potter, severus snape, lucius malfoy, molly weasley, arthur weasley, alecto carrow, amycus carrow, augustus rookwood & many more