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  • By Sadrienne3 weeks 6 days ago
    It might seem redundant, listing your resources with yet another resource site. There are so many fantastic communities out there, so many amazing groups dedicated to resources and resource-making, it might feel like a lot of effort to list your resources with The Roleplay Network as well.  Here's what makes TRN different. We list links to your resources, not the resource content. That means all of your content stays with you, where you want it to be. You… more
  • By Sadrienne1 month 3 weeks ago
  • By Sadrienne2 months 1 week ago
    If you're anything like me, locating your past resources can be a pain in the backside. Whether you're looking to update/add to a particular one, or find something that you know you made up for someone else, it's often a frustrating experience deep-diving your tags, or past topics on various sites. That's why we developed the user profiles and resource hubs sections of The Roleplay Network to act as a collection point, allowing you to quickly look over what you've posted and in what category.… more
  • By Sadrienne2 months 2 weeks ago
    Are you here to promote your roleplay group or resource hub? Want to get more eyes on your listing? Of course you do, that's the whole point! This article is here to tell you all about the Leaderboards and how you can use them to get more exposure for your group/resource hub. Leaderboards are like a Top Site, but instead of tracking arbitrary clicks -- it tracks your community contribution. Here's how it works. Submit your Resource Hub or Roleplay Group Listing First, you submit your… more
  • By Sadrienne3 months 3 weeks ago
    At 200 faces in the Face Directory, we will be starting development on the roleplay listings side of TRN. Here's a bit of a sneak peek at what we have planned! The structure There will be three main components of the roleplay listings section: Roleplay Groups, Solo Roleplayers, and Roleplay Resource Hubs. Each section will have a sidebar of filters, similar to how the Face Directory functions. Users will be able to use these filters to narrow down the list of available sites/players and find… more
  • By Sadrienne3 months 4 weeks ago
    To celebrate the soft opening of TRN, and to stress-test the submission features, it's time for a competition! Win 30 days of advertising in our "Featured" section at the bottom of every page! Here's how it works! To register for the competition, post a comment to this article and tell us what site you're playing for! We'll need a link to the site and an 88x31 button in case you win! Then, add faces in the Find My Face directory. The more you add, the higher your chances of winning… more
  • By Sadrienne4 months ago
    Got a celebrity you'd like to see added to the directory, but don't have the time to add it yourself? Or are you super keen to help the directory grow, but just can't think of a face to add? Here's where the people with the ideas can meet the people with the time to make it happen! Comment your suggestions below (one name per comment) and it may just get picked up! If you want to draw extra attention to someone else's suggestion, click the 'Like' button! And if you add a face on this list,… more
  • By Sadrienne4 months ago
    Here's what's new for May: everything! Welcome to The Roleplay Network, a unique roleplay and resource listing site with a powerful filtering system to help you find what you need fast. Here are the features currently available Setting up your account Check out this page for information on how to register, set up your account, and become a verified user!   Find My Face directory A user-submitted directory of faces suitable for use as play-bys, categorised every way imaginable!… more
  • By Sadrienne4 months ago
    Similar to the Favourites system, which is used for resource listings, you can 'like' content to show your support behind the idea. One of the main uses for this is on our Tag Requests page, where users can submit tags to be added to the system. Rather than posting the exact same idea, just click the 'Like' button to add your +1 and let our staff know that this suggestion is very important to our users. The 'Like' system will be extended to other suggestion, support and request-based features… more
  • By Sadrienne4 months ago
    You know that moment when you see something, and you don't need it right now but you don't want to lose it? Or you want a list of options to review later? Our Favourites system makes that super easy! On every resource listing, there is a "Favourite" button: Face listings: above the date of birth/age field in the top-right corner Click that button to add it to your favourites. You'll know it's worked when the text "Favourite" changes to "Unfavourite"! To view the list of your currently… more
  • By Sadrienne4 months ago
    The Roleplay Network is a work in constant development. Although we will be starting small with limited features, our aim is to expand into a searchable directory for all your roleplay-related needs. The following details a series of features currently available, and those that we aim to implement over time. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas too! The comments section is open for registered users. Feature roadmap Each of the directory features of TRN will be based on the search and… more