TRN: The Roadmap

The Roleplay Network is a work in constant development. Although we will be starting small with limited features, our aim is to expand into a searchable directory for all your roleplay-related needs. The following details a series of features currently available, and those that we aim to implement over time.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas too! The comments section is open for registered users.

Feature roadmap

Each of the directory features of TRN will be based on the search and filtering framework used by Find My Face. As the FMF directory has the easiest data sets to add and manipulate, it is essentially a 'trial phase' to perfect these functions for upcoming features. Development on future features will begin once public submission/user management processes are ironed out in FMF.

Stage One release (May 2020):

  • Find My Face directory

  • 'Favourites' System

Stage Two:

  • Roleplay Listing directory

  • Submissions leaderboard

Stage Three

  • Roleplay Resources directory (templates and themes)

  • Roleplay Resource community directory (community forums, RPH blogs, etc)

Stage Four

  • Requests directory (seeking roleplay, character offered, character wanted, etc)

We need you!

Our aim is to be the largest user-submitted resource hub connecting users to roleplays and resources across the roleplay community. This site is not designed to be a replacement for existing community groups, but an enhancement to make finding resources on those communities easier. 

You can support this goal by listing your favourite faces, roleplays, resources, and providing feedback on the features available. The involvement and support of our users means features can be developed faster, and in ways that are truly useful to the roleplay community. 

At this stage, we are not implementing a forums or discussion component to TRN, however we do have a Discord Server available for support and suggestions.