Tutorial Submission Guide

So you're one of those amazing people out there creating guides for the rest of the roleplay community to use? Nice work! We would love to see them listed here at The Roleplay Network!

Why list your resources here?

Unlike many resource communities out there, we don't ask our resource makers to post the resource directly to us. There are plenty of amazing places already doing that! Our aim is to provide you with a place where you can submit links to your resources and drive interested people to find you where you're most at home. Whether that's a wider resource community, your personal blog, or somewhere else--the choice is yours. Any content and code remains entirely within your control.

Our evolving set of tags and search functions also makes it super easy for you to define exactly what your tutorial is about, so the right people can find the right content when they need it. 

Submitting tutorials also increases your contribution score, pushing the site you represent higher up the leaderboards! 

What resources can I list?

Any informative content that you have created to help others in the roleplay community enrich their roleplay experience. Our one rule here is that you must be the original creator. However -- we also accept "masterlists/resource lists" that may link to resources created by other people grouped by a theme, as long as proper attribution is given to the content makers.

Submission links

You can find the link to submit a tutorial on the Tutorial List Page in the top-right corner, under "Add New Tutorial" on the tutorial menu, or you could just click this link here to get started!

Required fields

Submitting a tutorial is pretty straight forward! The required fields are:

  • Title
    Something that describes the tutorial you're submitting. Keep it clean and safe for work!
  • About
    Tell us a little more about the tutorial in here. Doesn't have to be a lot, and if you already have an introductory paragraph on the complete tutorial, copy and paste that over to save time!
  • Tutorial Format
    Here you can tell us what the tutorial actually is, and means that people can browse for particular types of tutorials (like videos or text) depending on how they prefer to learn.
  • Tutorial Audience
    Select the level of difficulty this tutorial is aimed at. Beginner should be for people who have no experience with the content, Intermediate for those who have some but are still mastering basic skills, and Advanced for those who have a high level of experience. You can also select "All" if neither of the above apply.
  • Tutorial Focus
    Here's where it gets fun! Select any of the focus points that apply for your tutorial. There may be more than one, eg. your tutorial may be about theming forums, but it would also be classified as coding, html, and css tutorial.
  • Tutorial Includes
    This refers to the resources that are included with your tutorial that may help the user connect with the content. If you provide code snippets or screenshots, select those. If you link to a PSD or other resources that can be downloaded, or step users through an example project, select those. "Live Code Link" refers to links to CodePen or similar sites that allow users to experiment with code created by the tutorial author to better understand how it works.
  • Find It At
    Here you can link to anywhere your resource is posted, including your own personal sites. You may have cross-posted the same resource to multiple places, and this gives your potential audience a selection of places to visit.

Optional fields

  • Preferred Support
    If you're willing for people to ask questions about the resource, you can supply a link here. It can be hard to manage questions if you've cross-posted to multiple communities, so this will direct people to one place. If you choose not to supply support, you can leave this empty. 
  • Tag Suggestions
    Here you can list any tags that you needed for the listing, but weren't available at the time of submission. Check out the Tag Requests page for more information on how to fill this field out if you need it!

Submitting the tutorial

Once you've got all of that set up, select "Ready for Review" at the very bottom and hit "Save". We will review your listing as soon as possible, and get it into the system! Thank you so much for your amazing work!