Twilight Exigent

a roleplaying forum set in the destiny game's universe

Twilight Exigent is a role-playing forum set in the ever-expanding universe of the Destiny 1 & 2 games. With a lightweight point system and player-driven events, we strive to strike an even balance between structured gameplay and an open world setting. There is a focus on original characters - players can start from any faction and be one of six playable races. Canon characters can also be ‘rented’ for threads.

No experience with the Destiny franchise is needed in order to join the site. We've taken the time to detail out the key components of the world in our Lore pages so that new players and older veterans alike can jump right into the forums.

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Last Update
August 17th, 2020

THE CHARACTERS: The site's main plot focuses on Earth's struggle against the Darkness, but other routes are available. In addition to the Human, Exo, and Awoken characters available in the games, players can start out as Fallen or Cabal as well. More character types may be released in the future as the plot progresses.

THE SETTING: Drawing from the lore detailed out in the games, Twilight Exigent follows Destiny canon in most regards. However, we consider the site to be a different world state, and as players continue to collaborate and write with each other, the site's plot may end up going in a different direction than canon.

THE TIME PERIOD: Twilight Exigent officially launched during Season of Arrivals, with the advent of the pyramid ships marking the start of our timeline. In order to let in-game events unfold and give players time to participate in events, the site's plot will progress roughly one Season behind Destiny 2's timeline.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Balance in most things, with a focus on community and character interaction. We strive to have immersive role-play that promotes exploration and contribution, while still keeping things laid back. Here at Twilight Exigent, we want players to feel comfortable creating their own engaging story-lines and contributing to a growing world.