A semirealistic stray dog roleplay crafted to be innovative, exciting, and accesible.

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The balance of the world is shifting, and the canines of the city are getting antsy. Urban Prophet's world is ever-changing, with ongoing site-wide plots and a system to receive visions, but in-character plots are encourage. With a territory game and other fun twists, join us for some light sci-fi and pre-apocalyptic fun all on a sleek custom-built website with undeniably retro boards2go forums.

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Last Update
September 22nd, 2020


The war is just beginning...

This old and tired city has come alive again, and a canine's powerful nose can smell it. The city is a vast, dangerous terrain, though it is full of excitement and reward. The abandoned buildings and empty factories signal that the humans have lost their game, and the dogs are free to roam the remnants and begin their own from the rubble. Instinct drives them to band together and protect each other, though not everyone proves to be a friend. In a world with risk around every corner, the gift of trust shouldn't be given so easily.

As the prophet foretold...

Something strange is happening. Everyone knows what a dream feels like, but these are different. A skeptic could never admit to such a thing, but they are visions. The world is ever-changing, and now it seems to be heading in a more dangerous direction. These dreamlike visions are blurry and sometimes confusing ideas of what's to come, as if something is trying to communicate it across a great distance. While these visions could prove useful, first, one has to figure out what they mean. Whether it's deciphered or not, the prophecy will always be fulfilled.

A game of territory...

In a tale as old as time, the groups that form aim to seek to control areas with the highest value. It's not easy to keep your lands safe, though, and you must be wary of stretching your numbers too thin. It seems that these days, there is always someone waiting in the shadows to come and snatch it up...




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