Using Favourites

You know that moment when you see something, and you don't need it right now but you don't want to lose it? Or you want a list of options to review later? Our Favourites system makes that super easy!

On every resource listing, there is a "Favourite" button:

  • Face listings: above the date of birth/age field in the top-right corner
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Click that button to add it to your favourites. You'll know it's worked when the text "Favourite" changes to "Unfavourite"!

To view the list of your currently favourited resources, go to Account --> My Account in the main navigation menu. This will load your user profile page!

All of your favourites will be grouped by the type of listing they are. It will look a little something like this:

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If you have submitted resources of your own, they will also display next to this block. Handy!

You can have as many favourites as you like, and later these numbers may be used to create "top favourited resources" lists to help users find the best resources out there.

So go ahead! Create your list of favourites now!